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Rudraksha: Know an Appropriate Rudraksha to Wear

Rudraksha: The best way to choose Rudraksha beads is to read the properties of the beads and choose the ones that exactly match your wish.

Rudraksha is consider a symbol of Lord Shiva as “Rudra” is the name for Lord Shiva and “Aksha” means “tear”. Therefore, one who adorns the Rudraksha is said to be dear to Shiva. It is available in a mukhi range ranging from 1 to 27 mukhi. But many of us have questions like “Which mukhi Rudraksha is good for us or which bead should we wear?”

It is very easy to get out of this mess. You just need to ensure that the Mukhi is well-define and the contours are natural and clearly visible. Just see that the mukhi is well define and that there are no cracks near the centre hole. And that the bead is healthy and not damage by insects etc.

How do we decide which rudraksha combination of beads to wear?

The best way to choose Rudraksha beads is to read the properties of the beads. And choose the ones that exactly match your wish.

Different Rudraksha mukhi have different properties depending on their internal structure. One can choose to wear a single bead of a particular mukhi or a strong combination of different Mukhi. It all depends on whether you want to complement or enhance the power of the previously wear bead by adding more beads to the existing Rudraksha.

Wearing Rudraksha brings auspiciousness to your life and will bring you continuous benefits. Also, ensure that the beads are charged by chanting ‘Om Namah Shivay’. Or the seed mantra occasionally and Abhishek is perform on auspicious days.

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How to get the best quality?

Astroeshop offers different types of Rudraksha with different benefits and suitability. Make sure you choose the right one for yourself. You can also consult astroeshop referrals for the best one for you and also know more about the properties of any of it. Can Whatsapp us for that. You can get all the information easily.

Who should wear Rudraksha?

There is no specific mention of who should wear rudraksha or not as it can be wear by anyone irrespective of age, caste, creed, gender and culture. But once worn, it should not be share, replace, or exchange from one person to another. But one must follow certain rules, how and when to wear.

Below are some points that specify how to wear and what precautions should be consider to make the Rudraksha work.

– The most important and most important are wear up to ‘Siddhi’ which means after the purification process. One can cleanse his mind and body after a clean shower in the morning and then chant some mantras according to the type of rudraksha to be use by the wearer. It is even more auspicious to wear it on an auspicious day of Monday or Thursday.

– You have to take it off before going to bed and wear it again in the morning after your morning bath. In both these cases, the wearer must chant the mantra at least 9 times. When not wear, the rudraksha must be keep in a safe and clean place such as your puja room or worship altar.

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who should wear rudraksha?

– It is consider impure in the morning, therefore its wearer must bathe and purify himself and must not even touch it beforehand. Then chanting the mantra to be perform while also praying to her ruling god and goddess with flowers and incense sticks.

– Scholars also advise that once the wearer starts wearing rudraksha, he must not even touch non-vegetarian food, so one can say goodbye to non-vegetarian food. Another thing that needs to go is alcohol. The wearer must also visit Lord Shiva’s temple frequently to seek blessings.

– Another important thing that the wearer must keep in mind is that rudraksha must not be taken to funerals. Even to cremation grounds and when visiting brothels. Also during the birth of children, it is recommend not to wear rudraksh and visit the child.

– When one wears it, one is not allow to associate with anyone. If this has to be done then it is recommend to remove the rudraksha before the act.

– Make a part of your body and wear it every day. It will provide more benefits to your health and increase prosperity and happiness.

– As for women, if they are wearers of pure rudraksha. They are advise not to wear it during their menstrual cycle.

– Last but not least, during long-term wear, if the thread is broke; don’t take it negatively. You can collect all the beads again and put them in a new thread and wear it. It will work and it will have the same effect on your life.

Rules of wearing

  • Empower/Pran Prathistha from Brahmin Pandit in Shiv temple, then surprisingly wear your stimulated rudraksha after his Pran Prathistha puja.
  • Say om-namah-shivay at least 3 times or 11 times while removing or wearing it (after its puja). Everything is fine with mansik jap.
  • Beads can be wear anytime and there are no taboos in the scriptures. Some people like to remove the rudraksha during sex, visiting graveyards and defecation as it is an energetic matter. This is not require and is not mention in any ancient scriptures.
  • Before wearing the Bead mala for the first time, make sure you follow the vidhi of reciting mantras as prescribed in the ancient texts.
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Rules of Wearing Rudraksha
  • Make sure there is no rahu kaal or yama ghat kaal while getting a fresh mukhi rudraksha bead/mala and at the time of performing its prana prathistha puja as well as when wearing a charged rudraksha bead/mala for the first time.
  • After you have returned from the funeral of someone who died. My first thought was to take a full bath. Wear it and make sure your head, forehead and neck are completely wet.
  • Never put an impure hand near a rudraksha.
  • Never place your index finger on the rudraksha.
  • If get in contact with dirt, pour some Ganga jal on it and ask for forgiveness and apologize to Lord Shiva, then touch the rudraksha or shiva portrait and wear it. It is permissible to store ganga jal in 1 or 2 jugs at home.

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