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Rudraksha is a seed that is auspicious in Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Muslims, especially used for Shaivism. According to Hindu mythology, the rudraksha tree is grown from the teardrop of shiva, by wearing the rudraksha seed a person stays positive, and negativity stays away from them. These seeds are also used as rosary beads. Panchmukhi Rudraksha is more auspicious. Do you also wear Rudraksha beads? in all the Rudraksha, Panchmukhi Rudraksha is the most important. The special grace of Lord Shiva shower on us by wearing Rudraksha. But to hold it, some precautions should be taken, and some special rules have also been made. Today we are going to tell you about how to wear Rudraksha and what precautions should be taken?

If you want to wear Rudraksha, wear it in the Shiva temple from the hands of Brahmin. Invoke Rudraksha and wear it only later, though Rudraksha can be worn at all times, but do not wear it during one’s last journey or at the time of the birth of a newborn. Rudraksha should never be touched by hands with impure soil. If you cannot wear Rudraksha all the time, then keep it in your temple and worship it every day. To buy Rudraksha, get it from your hard-earned money and not from borrowed money. If you wear Rudraksha Mala every day, then never eat non-vegetarian and liquor. Rudraksha should be worn on any auspicious day on Monday or Thursday.

Continue to clean the rosary of Rudraksha regularly, if there is any dirt or dirt on it, clean it immediately, and after cleaning wash it with holy water. The attached thread to the garland should be strong, if it is weak, then replace it immediately. The garland of Rudraksha should be cleaned by applying oil with light hands, and after that, it has to be kept in front of the sun and pray. Every time there is confusion about Rudraksha that, is it fake or real? then you should see that its face is very clear and there is no rift around its main center.
If we take all these precautions properly, then we will get the full benefit of wearing Rudraksha, else it just looks like fashion.

The Shivpuran mentions there are 14 types of Rudraksha. Those who wear a single-faced Rudraksha never faced poverty in life. Goddess Laxmi always shows her blessings on them.

SINGLE-FACED RUDRAKSHA: the single face is an incarnation of Lord shiva, those who wear this rudraksha, goddess Laxmi never stays away from them, that means he never faced poverty. Mantra for wearing this rudraksha ( ऊं ह्रं नम: ) OM HREEM NAMAH.

TWO-FACED RUDRAKSHA: by wearing this rudraksha, Lord shiva completes all the wishes. (ऊं नम: ) OM NAMAH

THREE-FACED RUDRAKSHA: this rudraksha brings success to the life. It helps in education. (ऊं क्रं नम: ) OM KLEEM NAMAH

FOUR-FACED RUDRAKSHA: this rudraksha is an incarnation of Brahma. By wearing and touch this rudraksha, a person will get knowledge of Dharma, and Moksha. (ऊं ह्रं नम: ) OM HREEM NAMAH.

FIVE-FACED RUDRAKSHA: this seed is an incarnation of Calgary, it brings positivity to our life. ( ऊं ह्रं नम: ) OM HREEM NAMAH.

SIX-FACED RUDRAKSHA: Rudragyaksha is the possessive form, which destroys enemies, is a sinner.

SEVEN-FACED RUDRAKSHA: this is known as a Kamdevarupa, which provides wealth.

EIGHT-FACED RUDRAKSHA: Leads to eight directions and eight siddhis. By wearing this Rudraksha, a person gets a virtue like bathing in the Ganges.

NINE-FACED RUDRAKSHA: this seed is known as a Kapil. Kapil is a muni form and a new fortification, which makes a man Sarveshwara.

TEN-FACED RUDRAKSHA: by wearing this rudraksha, person never get upset. Lord Shiva always complete their wishes.

ELEVEN-FACED RUDRAKSHA: The eleventh face of rudraksha is Rudraparupa, who makes it victorious. TWELVE-FACED RUDRAKSHA: this rudraksha is a Dwadash Aditya Roop, which publishes fame, and success.

THIRTEEN-FACED RUDRAKSHA: this rudraksha is a Vishwaroopa, who gives good fortune.

FOURTEEN-FACED RUDRAKSHA: Paramashi in the form of this rudraksha, which gives peace by wearing.

This is all the type of rudraksha. Now, it depends on you, which one you choose for yourselves. Every rudraksha needs a different mantra and way to wear. Because rudraksha is devoted to Lord Shiva, that is why people should wear this on Monday.

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