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Know when is Rohini fasting and why should we observe this fast?

Rohini Vrat observed by the Jain community is a famous fast all over India. It is celebrated in every corner of the country. Rohini Vrat is dedicated to Lord Vasupujya. On this auspicious occasion, along with Rohini Devi, Lord Vasupujya Ji is duly worshipped. This fast is slightly different from other fasts.

Rohini Vrat is a month-

long fast and sometimes coincidentally it is observed twice a month. This fast is not gender-specific, it can be performed by anyone. Rohini fasting is considered more important by women. It is celebrated like a festival by keeping a fast on this day. Since ancient times it has been celebrated by the Jain community as a festival. Many mythological stories are associated with this fast. Of which we will tell you about the most popular story further. Before this let us know at what time of the year Rohini Vrat is observed.

Know when is Rohini fasting in 2021?

Date Day Paksha Date

24 January 2021 Sunday Darker fortnight Ekadashi

20 February 2021 Saturday Darker fortnight Ashtami

20 March 2021 Saturday Darker fortnight Saptami

16 April 2021 Friday Darker fortnight Chaturthi

13 May 2021 Thursday Darker fortnight dvitiye

10 June 2021 Thursday Krishna Paksha new moon

7 July 2021 Wednesday Krishna Paksha Trayodashi

3 August 2021 Tuesday Krishna Paksha Dashmi

27 September 2021 Monday Krishna Paksha Shashti

24 October 2021 Sunday Krishna Paksha Chaturthi

20 November 2021 Saturday Krishna Paksha anticipation

18 December 2021 Saturday Darker fortnight Chaturdashi

When is Rohini fasting?

According to religious beliefs, the total number of constellations is 27. Out of these 27 constellations, there is a Rohini Nakshatra, which is related to this fast. This fast is observed when Rohini Nakshatra prevails after sunrise in the month. This fast comes at least six to seven times a year, and sometimes it comes twice in a Nakshatra month.

Why is Rohini fasting?

Women keep this fast for the long life of their husbands. It is believed that the spouse of a woman who observes this fast gets a long life as well as good health. Anyone can do this fast. The worshipers of Lord Vasupujya observe this fast with complete rituals. It is believed that by observing this fast, one gets happiness and wealth. That is why this holy fast is also observed by men.

Rohini Vrat Katha

There are many mythological stories related to Rohini fasting. But according to the most popular legend, there was a daughter of a king named Dhanmitra in ancient times. Whose name was named Dungandha? The foul smell was coming from the body as soon as it was born. Despite many attempts, his problem could not be solved. Because of which King Dhanmitra was worried that who would marry my daughter. The king talked to his friend Vastupala about the marriage of his daughter, and gave his full wealth, and married his daughter to Vastupala’s son.

Shortly after the marriage, her husband died of foul odor and became a widow. This made the king distraught and went to a sage. The king told his entire problem to that sage. Then that great sage told the king to ask his daughter to observe Rohini fast for five years. Following this remedy given by the father, Dungandha observed this fast for five years. Due to which she got rid of the problem of bad breath. By the grace of this fast, she was married in the next life to Ashoka, who was the king of Hastinapur.

Rohini fasting rules

On this day it is very important to wake up before sunrise in the morning and take a bath.
It is believed that three, five, and seven years should definitely observe this fast. The proper duration of this fast is considered to be five years. It is not possible for the followers to observe the fast for a period of five years. Five months is also considered best for this.
For how long to keep the Rohini fast, it is decided on its own. After taking a resolution to observe the fast during this time period, the Udyapan of this fast is done only when the period is completed. Therefore, the resolution should be taken only after a firm determination.
After the fast is over, the poor should be fed food and donated. Along with this, Vasupujya should be worshiped with full faith and reverence.

Udyapan of fast is considered appropriate with the darshan of Lord Vasupujya.
On this day a copper, Pancharatna, or gold idol of Lord Vasupujya is established and the idol established by worshiping the Lord is worshiped throughout the day.
After the worship is completed, fruits and sweets are offered by offering naivedya, clothes, and flowers.
Feelings like jealousy and malice should not be brought to mind while observing this fast.

Significance of Rohini Vrat

Rohini Vrat holds special significance in Jainism. The calculation and recognition of Nakshatra are the same in Hinduism and Jainism. Therefore, this day is also important for Hindus. Devotees who do not observe fast on this day give up tamasic food and take satvik food. In Jainism, fasting and worship are performed following the rules and rituals throughout the day. Donations made on this day are considered very fruitful.

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