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Recitation of Shri Ganesh Sahastranama Stotram removes poverty of seven births

Recitation of Shri Ganesh Sahastranama Stotram removes poverty of seven births - Astroeshop

Worshiping Lord Ganesha, the first revered deity, brings all kinds of happiness, enjoyment, opulence and victory everywhere. Various stotrams, mantras etc. of Ganesha are found in Vedas and Puranas, but if Shri Ganesh Sahastranama Stotram is recited once daily, there is no doubt that a person can achieve whatever he wants. He is the destroyer of all obstacles and gives all desired results. It is described in the scriptures that Lord Shiva himself had perfected the Sahastranama Stotra of Lord Ganesha before the Tripura conquest, only then he was able to conquer Tripurasur.

Ganesh Sahasranama Stotram - Astroeshop

The person who recites a thousand names of Ganapati every day in the Brahma Muhurta, gets all the cosmic and transcendental happiness in his hands. Reciting it once will give life, health, opulence, patience, valor, strength, fame, intelligence, radiance, good fortune, beauty, power to captivate the world, dexterity in debate, high level of speech power, modesty, semen , increase in wealth, etc. The recitation of Ganapati Sahasranama provides the best vashikaran. It has been said in the scriptures that four types of captivity are proved by this – that of the king, that of the king, that of the prince and that of the minister of state. If seen in the present context, then man gets the power of all-encompassing. That is, one whose recitation is done with the desire of captivation, he becomes a slave. The recitation of this Sahasranama leads to the attainment of Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha. This Sahasranama removes negative energies. Shakini, Dakini, Rakshasa, Ghost, Yaksha, Snake destroys fear. This destroys the enemies. Eliminates the effects of evil deeds done by your enemies on you. Its recitation ends all kinds of sorrows and troubles. There is happiness and peace in the family and mutual love among the relatives increases. Bad results of dreams are destroyed by the use of Ganesh Sahasranama. Ganesh Sahasranama gives the means of Maran, Mohan, Vashikaran, Uchhatan etc. Shatkarma, Eight Mahasiddhi and Trikal Gyan. It gives victory everywhere, removes all the defects related to infertility and is the main means of protecting the womb. Lakshmi never leaves the house where Ganesha Sahasranama is recited regularly. All kinds of diseases also never come in the house where it is recited regularly. If Ganesh Sahasranama is recited every day, then all the pleasures accessible on earth are available to man. On the Chaturthi Tithi of the Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapada month, the person who worships Ganesha duly while doing Doorvarpan with these Sahasranamas. He performs Havan with Ashtagandha substances, all his wishes are fulfilled. If a poor person recites Ganesh Sahasranama regularly for four months, then the poverty which has been going on since seven births also goes away.

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