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Rang Panchami 2024: History, Significances, Date and Timings

Rang Panchami 2024, as the name suggests, is associated with five colours symbolizing the five elements constituting both the human body and the universe. People celebrate the Pancha Tattva (five elements – Agni, Prithvi, Jal, Vayu, and Akash) during Rang Panchami by engaging in colourful festivities. Holi celebrations commence on Phalguna Purnima Tithi and culminate on Rang Panchami, marking a joyous occasion observed in various regions around the globe.

History of Rang Panchami 2024

Historically, Holi festivities spanned several days during a specific season, culminating with the conclusion of Rang Panchami, after which the vibrant colours gradually faded away. However, it is essential to recognize that Rang Panchami serves as another representation of Holi. Observed on Krishna Panchami Tithi of Krishna Paksha in the month of Chaitra.

Devotees believe that performing Puja with a devoted mind and heart on this day ensures the blessings of the Durga Goddess. Additionally, acknowledging this occasion is believed to negate any faults or Doshas in one’s Kundli.

History of Rang Panchami 2024
History of Rang Panchami 2024

Significances of Rang Panchami 2024

Rang Panchami holds great significance for Hindus, considered an extremely auspicious occasion. As widely known, Holika Dahan involves a large fire lit the day before Holi, purifying the rajasic and tamasic particles in the atmosphere. This ritual creates a pure aura, infusing the surroundings with a profoundly positive effect that facilitates the manifestation of different deities in colours. Rang Panchami is also a festival that symbolizes the joy of purification.

Moreover, Rang Panchami signifies the triumph over Rajas and Tamas, paying homage to the ‘Panch Tatva’ or the five elements of the universe (earth, light, water, sky, and wind), which are believed to compose the human body as well. On Rang Panchami Day. Veneration involves a special array of ceremonial rites dedicated to honouring the incarnated manifestations of the heads of Gods.

Significances of Rang Panchami 2024
Significances of Rang Panchami 2024

Dates and Timings for Rang Panchami 2024

Rang Panchami 2024 is scheduled for March 30, 2024, falling on a Saturday.

  • The Panchami Tithi commences at 08:20 PM on March 29, 2024.
  • The Panchami Tithi concludes at 09:13 PM on March 30, 2024.
Dates and Timings for Rang Panchami 2024
Dates and Timings for Rang Panchami 2024

Rang Panchami Traditions and Festivities

Rang Panchami is predominantly celebrate in regions such as Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, and various northern parts of India. This festival follows a five-day Holi festival cycle, culminating on the fifth day after Holika Dahan.

Although some may perceive Rang Panchami and Holi as synonymous, they are rever for distinct purposes. Let’s explore the unique aspects of their celebrations.

In Indore

In Indore, Madhya Pradesh, a vibrant procession is a hallmark of Rang Panchami festivities. Led by a water tank equipped with a high-pressure jet, two ceremonial cannons, and a camel circumambulation, the procession traverses the town with participants drenched in an array of colours. This traditional celebration, locally known as “Ger,” attracts people from diverse faiths and castes. Creating a lively and colourful atmosphere that Indore eagerly anticipates.

In Maharashtra

Following the conclusion of Holi celebrations, Maharashtrians enthusiastically partake in Rang Panchami festivities, emphasizing the integral role of colours. The people of Maharashtra engage in spirited Holi celebrations from Dhulandi until the arrival of Panchami Tithi. Gulal (colours) takes centre stage on Rang Panchami, creating a visually stunning environment. The day is also mark by the consumption of delectable dishes, with Puran Poli being a sought-after item. Notably, a unique feature of this day is the participation of the fishermen’s group, adding a distinctive touch to the celebrations.

Guidelines for Rang Panchami

  • Incorporate GangaJal into your daily water usage, especially on Rang Panchami day, when washing your hands and feet.
  • Recognize Goddess Lakshmi as the deity of wealth and prosperity. Ensure the flow of money and affluence into your home by offering flowers to Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Extend your worship by presenting flowers and lighting a ghee lamp in honour of the Goddess.
  • Enhance the spiritual ambience by lighting a flower incense stick in front of the idol of Goddess Lakshmi.
  • Consider the significance of the colour white, which holds special significance for Goddess Lakshmi. To appease the Goddess of wealth, offer white sweets during your devotional rituals.


On the auspicious day of Rang Panchami, it is believe that spiritual forces overshadow destructive powers. The temple in Barsane dedicated to Radharani holds special worship on this significant day, providing devotees with the opportunity for darshan and spiritual benefits. Legend has it that Shri Krishna engaged in the joyous Raslila with the gopi on Rang Panchami. Celebrating the vibrant game of colours a day later.

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