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Vahan Durghatna Nashak Yantra should be established and worshiped during the journey to get protection from all kinds of misshapen and accidents. These trips also include short-distance travel from home to work or even traveling through long-distance highways. The word wah means “vehicle”, while the word Durga means “accident” while the word nashaka means “prevention”. Therefore, if the device is placed or placed anywhere inside the vehicle, it acts as a shield or shield which ensures protection from accidents, injuries, or other misspending during the journey. This device should be installed in a prominent place on the four-wheeler’s dashboard while two-wheeler owners can carry it in their wallet or in a two-wheeler’s glove box.

Chant this mantra-

After installing the Vahan yatra Yantra in the vehicle, if you take the vehicle anywhere, remember Hanumanji. As you sit in the vehicle, chant the mantra “Om Namo Bhagwate Anjanaay Mahabalaya Swaha” for a while. Now you can travel by vehicle without any hesitation. Because now Mahabali Hanuman will himself protect your vehicle.

Astroeshop provides you the most powerful Vahan Yatra Yantra which is energized by the world’s best astrologer Acharya Indu Prakash Ji himself.

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We move office, market or any other place from our vehicle every day. Currently, many road accidents are also happening. Special measures are also available in astrology to prevent vehicle accidents. If you want your two-wheeler or four-wheeler vehicle not to have an accident, then to prevent the accident, astrology recommends installing a Vahan Yatra Yantra in the vehicle. It is also very successful. The mystery of vehicle accident destroyer is associated with the Mahabharata period. We will also show you the method of installing this device.

We always see in our surroundings that vehicle accidents have become common. Whenever you travel by vehicle, there is a fear somewhere in your mind that there should not be any major vehicle accident with you. Install an accidental destroyer Vahan Yatra Yantra in your vehicle, which will also remove the apprehension of your mind as well as Maruti i.e. the grace of Lord Hanuman will remain on you. Due to which you or your driver or any relative goes somewhere after driving the vehicle, then the accident related to the vehicle will be far away from him.

The mystery of the yantra is associated with the Mahabharata period.

The mystery of the auto accident destroyer is associated with the Mahabharata period. This device is not a common device. Rather it is very special. According to astrologers, during the war in Mahabharata, the chariot of Arjuna was protected by Mahavir Hanuman. Arjuna called Lord Hanuman and set him forward in the chariot. Due to which the chariot of Arjuna did not even reach Kharoch in Mahabharata. Since it is believed that if the accidental Maruti device is installed in the vehicle, then there will never be an accident and the accident of the vehicle can be avoided. It is also believed that with the effect of this device, Bajrangbali Hanuman protects the vehicle from an accident.

By the grace of Hanumanji, the vehicle accident destroyer Vahan yatra Yantra acts as a defense shield for the vehicle. The method of installing this yantra is such that on Tuesday, Saturday, Hanuman Jayanti, or on the day of Ramnavami, install this yantra.

First of all, take a bath yourself and get your vehicle bathed as well. After that, where the vehicle accident destroyer Vahan yatra¬† Yantra should be installed in the vehicle, sanctify the place with Ganga water. Before this, offer incense, lamp, and Chola to Hanumanji’s temple. Mount the vermilion at the place where the device is to be installed in the vehicle. After which install it inauspicious Choghadiya and offer coconut. After installing in this way your vehicle will not be a victim of an accident. Hanumanji himself will protect your vehicle. While installing this yantra chant this mantra “Om Namo Bhagwate Anjanaay Mahabalaya Swaha”.


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