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Sun Sitara

Sun Sitara

Tiger Eye


Tiger Ratna is the most effective and multi-use and quick-bearing stone. It is also called Tiger Eye. Due to yellow and black stripes similar to a tiger on this gem, it is called ‘Tiger Stone’. It also produces symptoms similar to the tiger (cheetah) in effect. Wearing it immediately gives benefit. Tiger Stone provides amazing confidence to a person who is repeatedly failing in business and other tasks due to a lack of self-confidence, leading an unhappy life. Wearing it gives complete success and the person becomes courageous and masculine. A lion-like spirit and courage are also able to bestow this gem. This stone is considered the invisible companion of timid, indifferent persons. Awareness is generated by wearing tiger gems in such individuals.

It is considered a low-grade ruby, which is cheap and best. It is shiny in appearance, which is light brown in some places and dark brown (shades of yellow). As the name suggests, it is similar to a leopard’s eye. It is used in Ratna Healing Therapy as well as Jewel Stone.

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Tiger eye drops to avoid the adverse effects of the sun and get good results due to the lower grade of a ruby. It is much cheaper than ruby in price, so it is used to obtain the high fruit of the sun in an uneven economic situation.

This gem is protected from black magic and ghosts. Also prevents the evil eye and removes negative energy.
A person who is repeatedly failing in business due to a lack of confidence can be successful with the effect of this gem. This gem provides self-sufficiency and courage. A new ray of hope can come from the Tiger Eye stone in the life of a timid and depressed and depressed person. For the sake of early marriage also, this Ratna ring should be worn on the index finger on the day of Rishi Panchami. If someone has children and they die then she too should wear this gem to get child happiness. A person troubled by enemies may wear tiger eye stones on Tuesday. The person buried in debt should wear the tiger eye stone as a tiger eye stone pendant on Friday. This gem is also worn to avoid mental stress or accident.

According to astrology, the planets related to zodiacs and karma have a direct impact on the life of any person. According to astrology, tomorrow, those who come today can easily calculate. The benefits of gemstones have also been mentioned in astrology. According to Acharya Indu Prakash Ji, Tiger Ratna is the most effective and fast-growing gemstone. It is called “Tiger Ratna” hence this gem has a yellow and black stripe-like tiger. Tiger Stone instills confidence in the person who is lacking in confidence and because of that he is failing from the tasks repeatedly or leading an unhappy life. Wearing it gives complete success in every field and makes a person courageous and fast.

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You should wear this gem on Tuesday or Saturday.

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