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Shukra yantra is an instrument of planet Venus. Venus holds a ministerial position in the Navagraha Mandal. According to astrology, Venus is considered a female planet. People who have Venus’s planet lord in their horoscope are quite beautiful and attractive. Venus is considered to be a factor of husband-wife, love affair, indulgence, opulence, and bliss. If the position of Venus in a person’s horoscope is good, then the life of the native passes happily. With the auspicious effects of Venus, a person can also get pleasure in the house and vehicle. At the same time, the native has to face latent diseases when Venus is inauspicious. At the same time, in whose horoscope Venus is weak, problems arise in their marital and love life. In such a situation, if you want to reduce the inauspicious effects of Shukra, then it is appropriate for you to use Shukra Yantra.

Shukra is the lord of Taurus and Libra zodiac signs. It is considered to be high in Pisces and low in Virgo. Libra is also its original triangle zodiac up to 20 degrees. Venus looks at the seventh position from its position in full view and its vision is said to be auspicious. Venus in the horoscope is the factor of the seventh house. Among the planets, Venus is called the causative planet of marriage and vehicle. Therefore, these measures can also be taken to avoid a vehicle accident. Taking Venus’s remedy creates possibilities of achieving marital happiness. This remedy is also beneficial in cases related to vehicles. Among other remedies of Venus, one gets benefit by constructing Shukra Yantra and keeping it in the house of worship. 11,6,13 These numbers are written in the three mines of the first line of Venus. There should be 12,10, 8 numbers in the middle line, and 07,14,9 numbers are written in the end line. In order to earn one’s life in the Venus system, the advice of a knowledgeable priest can be sought.

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A beautiful and attractive person attracts everyone’s attention. Drawing to beauty is a natural reaction of every living being from time immemorial. Beauty-loving poets have written many epics on beauty. This is why everyone wants to look beautiful. Astrology mentions ways to get beauty and attractive personality by planet-constellations and their mantras.

According to Vedic astrology, the planet Venus is the factor of beauty, charm, glamor, and luxury life. People who have strong and auspicious Venus in their horoscope have a special type of Ora. Whenever anyone comes in contact with such people, he becomes hypnotized. In astrology, there are some ways to make a person’s personality attractive. Lakshmi is not only the goddess of wealth but also the Goddess who provides happiness, beauty, charm, and an effective personality. That is why the representative goddess of the planet Venus is Mahalakshmi. Worshiping Lakshmi leads to realization in the life of a person related to Venus. This makes Venus happy and one gets wealth with the grace of Lakshmi along with the desired beauty. Beauty can also be attained by donating items related to Venus. Donate clothes and yogurt on Friday. By destroying the bad effects of Venus, it increases the auspicious effects. The qualities related to Venus start coming into a person’s life. A specific type of ooze starts on the person’s face. To getting a strong venus planet you should wear Shukra Yantra.

Benefits of Shukra Yantra

Installing Venus Yantra at home keeps the relationship strong. With the help of this Yantra, you will get respect, love, mental, peace, and artistic arts are achieved. Keeping this Yantra in the office also helps in increasing business and making the right decisions. If a woman has difficulty in reproduction then she should install Venus Yantra in her house. If you are a designer, artist, actress, or associated with any creative field, then by worshiping this Yantra you will get new Ayams. Individuals who have throat problems, alcohol addiction, some type of latent disease, uterine problems, or diabetes. In such a situation, the Venus device can prove to be very fruitful.

Installation method
To install the Venus Yantra, first of all, wake up early in the morning and keep this device in front of you after bathing and chant the seed mantra of Venus 11 or 21 times. After that, sprinkle Ganga water on the Yantra and join hands with Shukra Maharaj and pray that he should provide maximum auspicious results. After installing Shukra Yantra, wash it regularly and worship it so that its effect is not reduced. If you wear this yantra in your wallet or neck then after bathing, worship the above method with the instrument in your hand.

Shukra Yantra Mantra -“ॐ द्राम द्रीम द्रौम सः शुक्राये नमः

Astroeshop provides you an energized Shukra Yantra, which is most powerful and brings positive effects in your life. This provided yantra is energized by the world’s best astrologer Acharya Indu Prakash Ji. To discuss more your problem, you can contact him, through Astroeshop, by making an appointment.



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