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firoza stone is originally found in turkey. It is also known as turquoise, feroza stone can be worn by any person without having a second thought to the consequences of the planetary combination of a person’s. Feroza is called Peroz or Haritashm in Sanskrit. This Uparatna is considered to give blessings. It is an opaque gem, but it is very much in demand at the present time. The basic color of Firoza is sky blue. Sometimes it is slightly darker than the sky color, and sometimes it is found in a mixed form of blue and green. The demand for pure blue turquoise is the highest. This type of turquoise is found in Iran. It is counted in jewels. Thousands of years ago, turquoise was worn as jewelry by the inhabitants of Egypt.

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Turquoise (Firoza) Turquoise is a natural, light blue to deep bluish-green colored, a semi-precious gemstone variety of the Phosphate mineral family.

Some gemstones play a very big role in our life. One such gemstone is turquoise and the specialty of this gem is that it increases the auspicious effects of two planets. There is no other gemstone that pacifies the two planets, Firoza destroys the evil effects of both Saturn and Mercury, in addition to this, the Firoza Stone shows its effect according to the situation. Firoza gemstones must be worn by Sagittarius and Pisces sign person. Apart from this, those people whose planet Jupiter is weak in their horoscope should also wear this gemstone as Firoza strengthens the planet Jupiter of the person. Firoza Stone must also be worn by peoples who borns between December 21 and January 19. It has healing properties and Its beneficial in problems such as asthma, excess alcoholism, obesity, high blood pressure, migraines, virus infection, or toxin effects. It is preferred to wear this ring on the index finger.

Method of wearing- It should be worn on a particular day that is auspicious for the wearer. It should be worn on the ring finger in the morning after taking bath. One should clean the gem with milk, water and after worship, one can wear this gem. Metals that can be used for it are gold, silver, and copper.

The day of the wearing-the best day to wear firoza is Friday.


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