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Earning money and securing the future of your family is one of the major objectives of life. Many people do the job and many do businesses. You will earn money from any path in life, it is clearly written in your horoscope.

Whether you will do the job or business can be found by looking at this horoscope. Mercury is the representative planet of trade. Seeing the good and bad conditions of Mercury, it is found out what kind of business you will do. The tenth place of a horoscope is a place of action. Therefore, according to the quality and nature of the planet which is situated in the tenth place, a person’s business is done.

The Kundli is an encoded data of your life based on the time & place of birth and the corresponding positions of planets. Kundali Report does precise decoding of this information to reveal your general wealth status & flow of money. It decodes and analyses the unique astrological design to tell about your hidden fortunes, the opportunities for acquiring wealth, possible financial crises, etc.

Astroeshop provided you a financial kundali, which is made by Acharya Indu Prakash Ji itself, provided kundali predicted and written according to your planetary movement, in this kundali Acharya Indu Prakash also mentions a solution of your problems, by doing that you will definitely overcome from the problem you are facing.


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According to astrology, whatever happens in the life of the person is according to the influence of the planets’ direction and direction, when someone becomes a king from a poor or beggar and a beggar, happiness does not go away from anyone, so sorrow over someone The mountain breaks. In such a situation, if the person gets such an indication that how will be the time for him in the coming time? At the time of coming from him, what should they do? So on a fixed pitch, he will rectify the things. It is possible to find out from the horoscope how the time will come for the native. Which area is likely to benefit from him, which area should he escape from?

You will be able to read all the information related to the horoscope in the horoscope section we give so that you too can analyze your horoscope very well. After reading this, you will have full knowledge of your horoscope, so that no one will fool you after reading it.
However, the information we are sharing here about the horoscope is very limited. And the ocean of knowledge of astrology is very vast. That is why our advice is that through AstroeShop you can take guidance from the best astrologer Acharya Indu Prakash Ji for upcoming life events.

Economic status According to astrology, the economic status of a person depends on the location of the planets in his horoscope. If your planets are friendly, kind, then the soil also becomes gold as soon as you put your hand on it, but if the planets are opposite, unhappy, then the work getting done also gets spoiled. Those whose planets are favorable, climb the steps of success and the world fills sighs upon seeing them. On the contrary, the people facing the planets beat every step. Many times, such a situation comes that every work started continuously deteriorates so that the person’s self-confidence is lost. A person immersed in despair is unable to cope with the circumstances and loses from life.

If there is so much wealth in life, then the moon is placed in the second house of a person’s horoscope, then he is very rich. There is so much money in his life that he does not have to make much effort to get any amenities. Such a person earns money by traveling abroad. If the Moon is situated in the second house of the horoscope and it sees the Mercury of lowly Mercury, then the ancestral wealth of that person’s family also ends. Such a person is sick.

If that person is lifelong poor, if the moon is alone in a horoscope and no planet is second or second to it, then that person remains life-long poor. Even after working hard throughout his life, he is never able to get money. If Mercury is placed in the 2nd house in the birth journal, then such a person earns money, but the status of wealth collection is not available, that is, the amount of money that comes, is spent, there is no situation of depositing, so the hand remains empty.

Such information related to you and your financial position is mentioned in this financial kundali. Acharya Indu Prakash Ji gives the solution to every problem.


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