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Education makes humans humble. If there are merit and merit through humility, then wealth is obtained. If there is wealth, there is faith in religion in the mind of man, and where there is religion and then he gets happiness. In such a situation, it becomes the ultimate duty of every parent to arrange for better education for their children. Chanakya has also said that children should be engaged in learning because of Neetika: Sheel Sampanna: Bhavati Kul Pujita. That is, only a man who is polite and modesty is worshiped in a rich and humble family. But often people face a Yaksha question about what their children should study so that their future will be bright. Astrology has an accurate answer, through which you can give the right direction to your child.

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Second house: To get an education in today’s era, it is very important to be strong in the economic situation, and to see the economic situation, the person’s horoscope should have the second and benefic center in the horoscope and there should be a house change between the two.

Fourth house: To know how the education will be in the institution, the fourth house of the horoscope is examined, if a person’s fourth horoscope is in the horoscope, then the person’s education takes place in larger institutions.

The fifth house: To test the intelligence of the person, the fifth house of the horoscope is analyzed. The intellectual level of a person is examined by examining how Panchamesh is related to other planets etc.

Navam Bhava: The higher education of the native is informed by the ninth house. If the Navamsa of Navamsha is in the Kundali, the class or auspicious class, then the person gets higher education.

Ekadashi Bhava: If there is a vision or connection of the strong Ekadesh with Navamsh and Panchamesh in the center triangle, then higher education is the sum.

From the point of view of the planets, it can be known by looking at the position of any person in the horoscope that the child will be like in studies and in which field will be successful –

Moon – If Moon is in Scorpio in the horoscope, the memory power is very strong. The strength and weakness of Chandra gives information about the memory of a person. If the Moon is weak and not in the right place, then the memory power of the person is very weak. If the moon is in the center of the triangle and the fifth side of the Shukla Paksha, then the memory power of the person is very strong.

Mercury – The native’s mathematical ability, expression and assessment ability, intuitive intelligence, analysis ability, speech power, analytical ability, writing ability, etc. are known by the strength of the planet Mercury.

Surya – The person’s intensity and success are judged by the position of the sun.
The fifth and the ninth house of the person are related to the technical education of the person. Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Mars in the horoscope are related to higher technical education.


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