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The Feng Shui Dream Catcher in Vastu Shastra plays a vital role. How it is useful to improve the Vastu of our house. Actually, according to Feng Shui scripture, hanging Dreamcatcher creates positive energy in the house. This also brings positive thinking among the family members. You can apply it in the balcony, verandah, or window.

According to Feng Shui, the Dreamcatcher is positioned such that no one sits under it nor does anyone pass below it. If it is sung in such a place, economic progress stops. According to ancient beliefs, the Dreamcatcher was employed to overcome nightmares. The Dreamcatcher should always be placed in the southwest direction. This not only brings positive energy to the house and also removes the nightmares. Also improves the Vastu of our house.

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According to the popular legend, there lived a woman named Asibikashi in Native America. With the help of her magic, taking care of all the people living there, especially the children. But as the population grew and the place expanded, it became very difficult to take care of everyone. Then the women living there made the Dreamcatcher out of the intended objects. It is believed that it protects children from every evil eye and does not haunt them even at night. By applying it in the house, only good thoughts and good energies are able to enter the house.

This is called Dream Catcher. Dream Catcher in Hindi, perhaps it will be called Trap to catch a dream, as Fish Catcher is a Mosquito Catcher. All the colorful threads are woven in a very special way on a round ring and there are many colorful feathers hanging downwards, from light to beautiful to colorful to really beautiful. You have been thinking that what things I am talking about, so believe me, I have actually seen it very closely, now the question is that this dream catcher trap by coloring the feathers of the hen and Made of silk thread, can it really catch our dreams without our head? the positive and negative thoughts spread in the environment, only positive dreams can be captured by you. It is a fun thing to do while you are sleeping, isn’t it?
You should put it in the bedroom window that opens on my outside, you will see what changes in your bad dreams, coming every day and whether you have very good golden true and beautiful dreams.

Astroeshop provides only energized products, this dream catcher is also energized by chanting mantras. Our expert astrologer energized this beautiful dream catcher, with their special skills, which protect your house and family from negative vibes.


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