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Feng Shui’s are used extensively to bring positivity to the home. Feng Shui is associated with Chinese astrology. According to belief, among the products used in Feng Shui, the Crystal pyramid is a miraculous product of Feng Shui. It has the power to eliminate the Vaastu doshas of all four directions. According to Chinese belief, there is divine energy inside it. Therefore, keeping the crystal pyramid in the house eliminates negative energy and transmits positive energy. Along with this, it also brings wealth and prosperity at home. According to belief, it is considered auspicious to place the pyramid in the north-east or place of worship.

The history of the pyramids is associated with Egyptian civilization. Even today Cairo, the capital of Egypt, houses the huge Giza pyramids, where the corpses of the King-Maharaja are buried. The whole world is amazed at the architecture of the pyramids. It is auspicious to keep a pyramid at home, but everyone knows a pyramid is not possible to place at home, that is why Chinese astrology introduced crystal pyramid, which gives equal positive effects to the person. but make sure, it should be energized by an expert astrologer, who makes a showpiece pyramid into a powerfully energized pyramid.

Astroeshop provides a highly powerful energized crystal pyramid by Acharya Indu Prakash Ji. which brings happiness, peace, and wealth into your life and house.

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There are many types of negative energy in our environment and this negative power affects our lives in different ways. But due to the feng shui crystal pyramid at home or workplace, the negative energy effect is reduced to zero and positive energy comes. If there is any obstruction in the way of money, then even that problem goes away. At the same time, every corner of our place of residence is dedicated to some of the other God. There are some energies that also negatively impact us from these corners. But Feng Shui and its products like, Crystal Pyramid destroy such effects. Also, it creates synergy between our work and thoughts which gives us positive results.

Source of positive energy
In Vastu, the pyramid is considered to be an energy balance. This is the reason why the pyramid is used to remove all types of Vastu doshas without destroying negative energy flow. Here we are telling you some such architectural measures related to the pyramid which will not only protect your house from bad eyes but will also remove your bad habits.

How does it affect 
The pyramid not only removes the Vaastu defects but is also the source of many positive energies. If you bring a pyramid to your house, then understand that many problems have been brought to a solution. Keep it at home or in the office, it keeps many calamities away from you. Let us know how it affects the place of the pyramid in the house.

The pyramid at the door
The feelings and energies of all the people who come to you every day are different. By keeping the pyramid at the door, those energies remain at the door and cannot enter.

Crystal Pyramid is one the most powerful feng shui, Astroeshop provides that powerful crystal pyramid, which brings immense happiness in your life.



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