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Previous Birth : What were you in your last life, you will reveal the secret.

Previous Birth : What were you in your last life, you will reveal the secret

Previous Birth : What were you in your last life, you will reveal the secret

People often reach out to astrologers to know their future. Astrologers try to answer their questions through various disciplines like Vedic astrology, palmistry, numerology, but do you know that you can know your past too. Yes, with the help of numerology, you can know what you were in your previous life.

Let’s know how

How to find Jeevan Marg Number

To get information about your past birth through numerology, you need two types of numbers. Your life path number and internal number. To calculate the Jeevan Marg number, you need to add the digits of your date of birth, month and year. For example if your date of birth is 11.09.1976 then add all these digits to get your Jeevan Marg number. Their sum will be 34 i.e. 7.

Remove internal numbers like this

After that you have to extract the internal number. For this, add all the vowels that come in your name. Each vowel has one digit such as A’s number is 1, E’s is 5, I’s is 9, O’s is 6 and U’s is 3. If someone’s name is Leena, then his name appears twice E and once A. Two E’s add up to 10 and A’s 1. Thus adding up to 11, 2. So the internal number for Lina is

Get a single digit

Now add the Jeevan Marg number and the internal number to get a single digit. That is, if you add 7 and 2, then the number 9 will come. According to number 9, the past results have to be seen. Similarly you can know your past by taking out your score.

This is the meaning of the numbers.

Number 1: Number 1 is related to leadership. It is possible that you have been a leader, king-queen or head of a particular community in your previous birth. The person with this number must have been the owner of a luxurious life. There must have been social prestige and respect. However, there is also a high possibility that you may have received severe punishment for some crime.

Number 2: Number 2 is related to love and relationships. The number 2 is called the pair number and expresses the possibility that you may have had a twin brother or sister. Number 2 people must have suffered a lot in their previous life. You must have been severely cheated in love affairs. So the more love you can get in this birth.

Number 3: Number 3 signifies creativity, artistry, imagination. The person who has got the number 3 must have been the dearest person in his family. You must have been the owner of a large land, zamindar, farmer, jagirdar. You must have been a great writer, a painter, a writer of beautiful literature. This number is also associated with witchcraft.

Number 4 : Number 4 The people who have come, they must have been either very bad or very good person in the past life. Your former life will be full of mystery and adventure. You must have been a detective type of person. You may be an army man, a prisoner or one of the most feared fighters of any community. It is possible that you have done bad deeds because of poverty.

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In this way, know about your previous birth.

Number 5: The people of number 5 must have been a brave warrior of the army of a country in the previous birth and they must have received many types of medals. You may also be someone whose greatness is being discussed till date. Very bad things must have happened to you in matters of love affairs. One of your friends must have cheated on you.

Number 6: Number 6 is related to mythological times and spirituality. Such a person must have been a satsangi, a follower of the path of religion, a spiritual master in the previous life. You must have spread the message of love and sacrifice all over the world. But you must have died in a very bad condition, so the number 6 is telling.

Number 7: Number 7 is related to virtue, benevolence. You must have been a philanthropist in the past, whose good deeds done are still inspiring people. You must have been an honorable member of your community or family. You may have been killed by some religious fanatic or you may have been put to death by disturbed people instead of doing good deeds.

Number 8: Number 8 is mysterious. Those people whose number 8 has come, they must have been knowledgeable of tantra-mantras, occult sciences. Such people must have had no shortage of wealth. You may have been a celebrity, but in the end, you may have had no one and your death would have remained a mystery. Number 9 : The people who got the number 9 must have been the leaders of their community. His life must have been very normal. No more money, no more poverty. It must have been your utmost duty to respect every person who came home. You must have got good support from family members. Your relationship with your spouse will be good till the end.

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