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Pongal 2022, Importance of Pongal festival.

Pongal 2022, Importance of Pongal festival.

Pongal 2022 Date and time

Let us know when is Pongal in 2022 and the date and time of Pongal 2022. Pongal is an important Hindu festival celebrate in the states of South India. In North India, when the Sun God is Uttarayan, the festival of Makar Sankranti is celebrate, similarly in Tamil Nadu, the festival of Pongal is celebrate with great pomp. Festival marks the beginning of the new year in Tamil Nadu. The history of festival is about a thousand years old. Apart from Tamil Nadu, Tamil speaking people living in many countries of the world including Sri Lanka, Canada and America celebrate this festival with enthusiasm.

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Importance of Pongal

Agriculture is the origin of festival. According to the solar calendar, this festival falls on the first date of the Tamil month i.e. 14 or 15 January. By January, the sugarcane and paddy crops in Tamil Nadu would have been ripe and ready. Farmers become happy to see the crops flourishing in the fields with the immense grace of nature and to show their gratitude to nature, they worship Indra, Sun God, and animal wealth i.e. cow and bull. Festival lasts for about 3 to 4 days. During this time the cleaning and painting of the houses starts. It is believe that Tamil speaking people give up bad habits on the occasion of Pongal. This tradition is called Pohi.

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Religious rituals and other events on Pongal

First day

  • The first day of festival is dedicate to Devraj Ind, it is called Bhogi . Devraj is responsible for Ind rain, so he is worship for good rain and wish for greenery in the fields and prosperity in life. On this day people burn holi of old items in their homes. During this, women and girls dance around the fire to folk songs. This tradition is called Bhogi Mantalu.

Second day

  • The Surya Pongal festival is celebrate on the second day after the sun sets Uttarayan. A special kheer named Pongal is prepare on this day. On this occasion, people tie a knot of turmeric in a yellow thread in an open courtyard and tie it on a brass or earthen pot and cook rice and dal khichdi in it. When the khichdi comes to a boil, milk and ghee are add. Boiling or booming in Khichdi is a sign of happiness and prosperity. After the preparation of Pongal, the Sun God is worship. On this occasion people pray for each other’s happiness and prosperity by singing and playing.

Third day

  • On the third day of Pongal festival i.e. Mattu Pongal, agricultural animals like cow, bull and bull are worship. On this occasion, cows and bullocks are decorate and their horns are painte and worshipped. On this day a bull race i.e. Jali Kattu is also organize. Mattu Pongal is also know as Kenu Pongal. In which sisters worship their brothers for the happiness.

Fourth day

  • Kanya, also known as Tiruvallur, is celebrate on the last day of the four-day long Pongal festival. On this day the house is decorate with flowers. Toran is prepare by mango and coconut leaves for the entrance. On this occasion, women make Rangoli in the courtyard. Since the Pongal festival ends on this day, people greet each other and give sweets.

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This festival is mainly celebrate in Tamil Nadu but the spiritual and religious significance of this festival is very important for the human community. On this festival, importance is give to the boom or boil in cow’s milk. It is believe that just as the boiling of milk is auspicious, in the same way the mind of every human being should also be bright with pure sanskars.

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