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According to Vedic astrology, the 12 expressions of the horoscope explain the entire area of a person’s life. The zodiac of the natives is known by studying the zodiac, constellations, and planets in these expressions. Here every emotion is related to a particular amount. All the 12 expressions in the horoscope have their special causality.

Number     factors                                   factor of casualty

1                  First                     birth and a person’s nature

2.                Second                wealth, eye, mouth, speech, family

3.                Third                    courage, younger siblings, mental balance

4                 fourth                   mother, happiness, vehicle, property, home

5.                 Fifth                     child, intelligence

6.                 Sixth                     disease, enemies and debts

7.                 Seventh                Marriage, Spouse, Partner

8.                Eighth                    age, danger, accident

9.                 Navam                  Bhagya, Father, Guru, Religion

10.              tenth                      act, occupation, position, fame

11.              Eleventh                 benefit, desire fulfillment

12.                Dwad                     expenditure, loss, salvation

Through Vedic astrology, those cosmic elements are studied which have a direct impact on human life. Three astrological divisions (past, present, and future) can be known by astrology. The decision of a particular person is based on his / her deeds. Good deeds always result in good, while bad karma results in negative results. The horoscope is prepared based on past experiences and deeds of a person’s past birth. Various areas of human life are related to these 12 expressions of horoscope. Therefore every emotion becomes very important for human life. The twelve expressions represent all important areas of life. As soon as the planets are affected by these expressions, their effect is seen in that particular area of ​​life with which they are related.

If the position of the planets in your horoscope in the 12th house is strong, then by this effect you get positive results in life. On the contrary, if the position of the planets in a house is weak then the people have to face different problems.

12 quotations of indebtedness and horoscope

It is said that if a person dies without paying the loan, then that debt has to be removed in the next life. This pattern can be of any type. That is why in the present birth we also meet such people or animals, whose debt is somewhere on us in the previous life. There is some reason for every action in our life. We do not do any work without any reason. If this instrument ends, then the person departs from this life cycle. That is, he attains salvation. This thing can be understood through astrology. Because in Vedic astrology, the entire life of man is divided into 12 expressions in the horoscope, but it is also included. Each of the 12 expressions has a special meaning. How do we meet people in our daily lives? Why do you meet? And how do we treat them? The answer to all these questions lies in the 12 expressions of the horoscope. Emotions are home and how much importance do we give to the house. It depends on our perception of others. Before understanding the 12 expressions of the horoscope, we need to understand the systematic pattern of the expressions and the zodiac.

Method and pattern of a zodiac sign

According to astrology, the zodiac is of 360 degrees divided into 12 expressions. That is, a quotation is 30 degrees. The first house in the horoscope is the Lagna bhava followed by the sequence of the remaining 11 bhavas. There is a sense from one sentiment to another. That is, the Lagna or first house is considered to be the rising zodiac at the time of birth.

12 quotes of horoscope

  • First house: It is a feeling of a person’s nature.
  • Second house: It is a sense of wealth and family.
  • Third house: It is a sense of courage and bravery.
  • Fourth house: The fourth house in the horoscope is the expression of mother and bliss.
  • Fifth House: Fifth house is the child and the sense of knowledge in the horoscope.
  • Shashtham Bhava: This bhava signifies enemy, disease, and borrowing.
  • Seventh house: The seventh house represents marriage and partnership.
  • Eighth house: The eighth house in the horoscope is the age of the house.
  • The ninth house: In astrology, the 9th house gives a sense of luck, father, and religion.
  • The tenth house: The tenth house is the sense of career and occupation.
  • Eleventh house: The eleventh house in the horoscope is the sense of income and profit.
  • Dwadashi Bhava: The twelfth house in the horoscope is the sense of expenditure and loss.

Types of expressions

Kendra Bhava: In Vedic astrology, Kendra Bhava is considered the most auspicious feeling. According to astrology, this is the place of Lakshmi. The first house, fourth house, seventh house, and tenth house come in the center house. Along with being auspicious, the center takes most areas of life into the realm. All the planets which come in the center house are considered very strong in the horoscope. The tenth of these is a sense of career and business. While the seventh bhava signifies married life and the fourth bhava is the feeling of mother and bliss. At the same time, the first house tells the nature of the person. If the center of your horoscope is strong, then you will earn success in different areas of life.

Triangle Quote: In Vedic astrology, Triangle Quote is also considered auspicious. The expressions in the triangle house are called religious expressions. Among these, first, fifth and ninth expressions are included. The first sense is the self. The fifth house shows the artistic style of the native while the ninth house shows the collectivity. These expressions make it strong in the horoscope. Triangle expressions are very virtuous, their connection with the center house makes Raja Yoga. These can be considered as auxiliary expressions of the center. Triangle expressions are related to spirituality. The ninth and fifth house is also called Vishnu place.

Anabhava Bhava: The third, sixth, tenth, and eleventh house in the horoscope is called anabhava bhava. In astrology, it is believed that these expressions increase the causality of the emotion. If the inauspicious planets Mars, Saturn, Rahu, and Sun are sitting in these houses then it is considered good for the natives. These planets reduce the negative effects of these expressions.

Moksha Bhava: The fourth, eighth, and twelfth house in the horoscope is called Moksha Bhava. These expressions are related to spiritual life. These expressions play an important role in the attainment of salvation.

Dharma Bhava: The first, fifth, and ninth house in the horoscope is called Dharma Bhava. They are called the place of Vishnu and Lakshmi.

Earth sense: The second, seventh, and tenth houses in the horoscope are called Earth expressions. Here the meaning is related to the capital used for the attainment of physical and worldly pleasures.

Kama Bhava: The third, seventh, and eleventh house in the horoscope is called Kama Bhava. A person is the third Purushartha Kama in the four Purusharthas (Dharma, Artha, Kama, Moksha) of life.

Sorrow Place Bhava: The seventh, eighth, and twelfth house in the horoscope is called the Dukasthana Bhava. These expressions reflect struggle, suffering, and obstacles in a person’s life.

Antidote: Second and seventh houses in the horoscope are called antidotes. Due to lethality, the person spends his energy in the life of his life, in the aid of his partner.

Lord of every sense

According to Vedic astrology, Kaal Purush’s horoscope begins with Aries zodiac. It is naturally a Vedic birth chart. The seven planets in the Kaal Purusha horoscope are owned by different expressions of the horoscope:

Mars: In the Kaal Purush horoscope, Mars has ownership of the first and eighth house of the horoscope.

Venus: In the Kaal Purusha horoscope, Venus is the lord of the second and seventh house.

Mercury: Mercury is the lord of the third and sixth house in the Kaal Purusha horoscope.

Moon: According to Kaal Purush kundli, the lunar planet is only the lord of the fourth house.

Surya: In Kaal Purush kundli, Sun only has the ownership of the fifth house.

Brihaspati: In the Kaal Purusha horoscope, Guru is the ninth and lord of the Dwadsha Bhava.

Shani: Saturn is the lord of the tenth house and the eleventh house in the Kaal Purusha horoscope.

In this way, you can see that in astrology the 12 expressions of the horoscope represent the entire life cycle of a human being. Therefore the life of a person can be understood well by these twelve expressions.

Wearing coral also awakens the first house. Those who have the first house sleeping in their horoscope should take measures of Mars to awaken this house. For this, fast on Tuesday. On Tuesday, offer Hanumanji a meal of Besan Laddu and distribute the Prasad. Wearing coral also awakens the first house. If the second house of the horoscope is asleep, then measures related to the moon should be taken. For this, silver rings, pendants, or any other jewelry should be worn. This house gets awakened by serving the mother and taking care of her pleasures. Wearing a pearl is also beneficial.

Mercury is used to awakening the third house; Mercury is used to awakening the third house. Durga Saptashati should be recited for Mercury. Feed green fodder to the cow on Wednesday. According to the Lal Kitab, if there is no planet in the fourth house of the horoscope, then take measures related to the moon. Deliver sago pudding on Monday. To awaken the fifth house, it is beneficial to measure the sun. For this, regular Adityahrdaya Stotra recitation and giving red, brown ants flour, jaggery on Sunday gives the grace of the sun.

The remedy of Rahu To awaken the sixth house, Rahu should be used. At the beginning of the eighth month from the birthday, offer almonds in the temple for five months, bring as many almonds in the temple and bring it back home. To awaken the seventh house of the horoscope, Venus has to be awakened. Purification of conduct is most necessary to awaken Venus. Do not insult women. Do not abuse anyone. The measures associated with the moon are taken to awaken the eighth house. For this, wear silver jewelry or keep a solid silver bullet in your pocket.

Wearing yellow clothes on Thursday– If the ninth house is asleep, then you should wear yellow clothes on Thursday. Keep such a person wearing gold or do saffron tilak on the forehead. Through these remedies, the Guru prevails and the ninth house awakens. To awaken the tenth house, Shanidev should be resorted to. Visit Hanuman Ji on Saturday. Make donations related to Shani. To awaken the eleventh house, it is necessary to please the Guru. Fast on Thursday. Feed bananas to the cow. Apply sandalwood tilak on Thursday. If the twelfth house of a person’s horoscope is asleep, then a dog should be raised at home. The wife’s brother should help.

Planetary influence according to the house

The causative houses, permanent houses, high-pitched houses, etc. of every planet are fixed. Then whether the planet becomes a ‘guest’ or a tenant! The planetary lamp will be extinguished when the planet finishes its time. Each planet in its zodiac, even if it is a factor of other planets, will give auspicious results. By installing the things of the house in which the planet is sitting, its effect will increase. For example, if Ketu is sitting in the ninth house, then the effect of Ketu will be increased by raising a dog. In the natural horoscope, the second house contains the sign of Venus and the second house is the factor of Jupiter. If Venus is sitting here, you will get its auspicious results. Mercury lives in the third house. The third house is the factor of Mars. If Mars is auspicious, then Mercury will also yield auspicious results here. The lunar sign of Cancer comes in the fourth house. Rashi Swami is Chandra.

Rahu’s inauspicious results are not obtained here. When Rahu sits in the fourth house in the year horoscope, then the work of Rahu should be changed like changing the roof of the house, collecting coal sacks, building a new toilet, making a black man a partner, otherwise, there will be quarrels. Leo is the sign of the Sun in the fifth house. The causative planets of this house are Jupiter and Sun. Only auspicious results will be received in this house. In the sixth house, the sign of Mercury falls in Virgo. This is the causative house of Ketu. Auspicious results of Mercury are found here. Having Ketu here will have a bad effect on her things. If Mercury and Ketu are sitting together, there will be good fruits of Mercury and bad fruits of Ketu. In the seventh house, the sign of Venus remains Libra. This house is the causative house of Venus and Mercury. Here auspicious results of Venus are found and Mercury helps other planets. Scorpio sign of Mars in the eighth house.

It is the home of Mars, Saturn, and Moon. If these three planets are sitting in different houses in the horoscope, then good fruit is obtained. Inauspicious results when gathered. When the inauspicious planet arrives in the eighth house in the year, its inauspicious results will be found. According to the Lal Kitab, the ninth house also indicates the beginning and fate of fate. This house is of utmost importance in a horoscope. The ninth house affects the fruit of the entire horoscope. The final decision of the deeds of the person’s effort is by luck. The past tense is the subject of this house in all three sections of the period. Jupiter’s sign is Sagittarius in the ninth house. Its factor is Jupiter and Saturn is of the horoscope and Jupiter is of the planet. There is no way of Saturn, there is a remedy for Jupiter. Good fruits of Jupiter and Sun are obtained in this house. This factor is home to the vegetation that lives under the earth.

The tenth house is considered treacherous. The planets sitting in this house are treacherous. Treacherous planets become profitable in the second and eleventh houses. The eleventh house is the permanent house of Jupiter. Here Saturn gives auspicious results. Apart from Saturn, many planets provide inauspicious results. The sign of Saturn falls in Aquarius in the eleventh house. The planetary planet of this house is Saturn. Auspicious or inauspicious planets in a horoscope give auspicious results when they come into their zodiac or factor house. The higher planet sitting in the horoscope gives higher auspicious results when sitting in the horoscope also when it is high. If Jupiter is in the horoscope and the year is in the second or fourth house in the horoscope then it will be auspicious. Sun, Moon, Mars These male planets become effective in the day, Mercury, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, these impotent planets in the morning and evening. Any inauspicious or auspicious planet, sitting in the house, will be fruitful in other houses as follows.

If Jupiter-Venus are inauspicious, they will give inauspicious results in other and fourth houses also.

– When Mercury is in the first house, Sun, Mars, and Saturn will also be fruitful.

Venus will also be fruitful if Jupiter is in the second house.

– If Mercury is in the third house, Mars and Saturn will also be fruitful.

– When Jupiter is in the fourth house, the Sun and the Moon will also be fruitful.

-When Jupiter is in the fifth house, Sun, Rahu, and Ketu will also be fruitful.

– Venus will also be fruitful if Ketu is in the sixth house.

– Mercury will also be fruitful if Venus is in the seventh house.

– When Mars is in the eighth house, Saturn and Moon will also be fruitful.

– If Jupiter is in the ninth house, other planets will not be fruitful.

– When Saturn is in the tenth house, Rahu-Ketu will also be fruitful.

– Jupiter will be fruitful when Saturn is in the eleventh house.

-Jupiter and Saturn will be fruitful when Rahu is in the twelfth house.


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