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People with Radix number 6 are rich and beautiful

People with Radix number 6 are rich and beautiful

People with Radix number 6 are rich and beautiful

According to numerology, people who are born on 6th, 15th, 24th of any month have a radix number 6. The lord of this radix is ​​Venus. Like Venus, the people with Radix number 6 also have a personality. Venus is the lord of pleasures, material pleasures, so the natives of this radix are rich and beautiful. The weakness of this radix is ​​the opposite sex. They get attached to anyone without thinking.

These are the characteristics: Venus is considered the representative planet of beauty, inner and outer beauty, sexual pleasure, pleasures, material things. The strong position of Venus gives a person life like a king. The natives of Radix 6 are wealthy according to the lord Venus. All kinds of worldly things are available with them. In a way, these people lead a life like a king. They have plenty of land, property, jewellery, diamonds and jewels. Also, their beauty also increases with age.

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These are the weaknesses As mentioned above, Venus is also the representative planet of pleasures and sexual pleasures, so the people with this radix are naturally more sexually attracted to the opposite sex. Many people with this number are so excited that they get attracted to any opposite sex person without thinking and try to make him their own in any situation. In such a situation, many times they also have to face slander in family and social status. These people are also fond of excessive eating and drinking.

What to do The auspicious day for the natives of Radix number 6 is Friday. Therefore, take any important decision only on Friday. Also worshiping Mahalakshmi will give you happiness and peace in life.

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