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People with radix number 2 get attracted towards beauty very quickly.

People with radix number 2 get attracted towards beauty very quickly

People with radix number 2 get attracted towards beauty very quickly.

According to numerology, people who are born on 2nd, 11th, 20th or 29th of any month have a radix number 2. Moon is the representative planet of Radix 2. The nature of Moon is calm, cool and spreading moonlight. That is why men and women with radix number 2 are also of calm nature. Not only are they beautiful themselves, they get attracted quickly towards other beautiful person or any other beautiful thing. Although this is their quality, but sometimes due to this quality, they also get into trouble.

Number 2, Number Two

These are the characteristics: People with Radix number 2 have the natural quality of leading others at the level of intelligence. That is, they have more intelligence among their counterparts, that is why they remain popular and discussed among others. They have a unique glow on their face, which attracts the beholder towards them. They have great attraction towards beautiful men and women. They become obsessed with beautiful cities, beautiful clothes, beautiful jewelry, beautiful cars and anything that looks beautiful. Natives with radix number 2 are also related to foreign countries. These people travel abroad. Do business abroad and students pursue higher education abroad. They earn good success in the business of Jewelry, Garment, Commodity.

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These are the weaknesses As mentioned above

The people with Radix number 2 have more attraction towards beauty. Because of this, these people can also get into trouble at times. They may also face some kind of punishment. Their mind can never be stable. He keeps on changing the decision taken by himself again and again. Due to taking too much stress of small things, they also become victims of mental diseases.

What to do To get success in any work in life, try to take important decisions after 8 pm. Do not make any decision at all on the night and day of Amavasya. Drinking water in a silver glass gives strength to the moon. Anointing of Shivling with cow’s raw milk on Monday brings happiness to the moon.

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