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Pearl Moti Benefits and How to Wear it.

Pearl Moti, a cool crystal, is a famous gem of various colours such as white, pink, off-white, copper and black, and is found at the bottom of the ocean. It is commonly know as the Moti stone. Among all the different types of pearls, the white pearl is associate with the moon and is a symbol of peace and purity.

According to Indian Vedic astrology, the Moon is consider the mother and rules the mind of an individual. The individual who wears the pearl does not have any negative effect on wearing it because the Moon symbolizes the mother and thus the Moon is also loving, nurturing, cuddly and caring in the same way as our mother.

The pearl has the energy of the moon, and thus the individual who wears the pearl gains calmness, confidence, courage and peace within himself.

The pearl is said to be the birthstone for individuals born in June and the mystic stone for individuals born in November.

What are the astrological benefits of wearing a pearl?

The pearl Moti is a gemstone associate with the planet Moon and individuals may be able to stay positive and focus after wearing it. He is likely to experience calmness and be able to make decisions with greater clarity and decisiveness. It also helps individuals who have a lot of tension in their lives and feel depressed. The pearl signifies delicacy, love, relationship, charming eyes and a firm mind.

What are the personal benefits of wearing Pearl?

a) After wearing a pearl, you are likely to feel bold, confident and positive and be emotionally accessible, expressive and mentally healthy.

b) You would feel emotionally balanced after wearing pearl stone.

c) Your stress nerve and anger would be under control and your relationship with your partner will also be strengthen.

d) You would be prosperous and lucky after wearing the pearl gem.

e) You would get a name, fame, respect and wealth after wearing a pearl moti gem.

f) Your memory power and brain power are accelerate by wearing pearl stone.

Pearl Moti| Benefits of Pearl Moti|
Benefits of Pearl Moti

Which individuals should wear Pearls?

a) Benefits of Pearl Moti Stone counsellors, speakers, psychologists, therapists

b) Perla gives highly beneficial results to individuals involved in dairy, tourism, entertainment, medicine, perfumery, shipping and beverages.

c) Individuals engaged in music composition, legal finance, swimming or water sports, and hotel and jewellery business can enjoy the benefits of wearing Pearl.

d) Children under 12 years of age with poor health can benefit from wearing a pearl.

Which diseases can be cured & uses by wearing a pearl?

a) Pearl stone is beneficial in the treatment of water-related diseases such as pneumonia and insomnia.

b) Pearl can alleviate problems like throat trouble, eye trouble, and dysentery which are cause by the afflict Moon in your horoscope.

c) Pearl stone enhances the lustre of the face of individuals, especially women, and enriches beauty.

d) Pearl helps cure ailments such as vision problems, constipation, and mental and heart problems.

e) A pearl worn in combination with other gems is likely to give you relief from diabetes, anaemia, kidney problems, respiratory problems, eye problems and many more.

Pearl Moti| uses of Pearl Moti|
Pearl Moti

Which ancestors should wear Pearls?

a) The pearl will be extremely beneficial to individuals with Aries ascendant. A pearl is likely to bring you luck, and good friends, and improve your mother’s health. Pearl must be worn with Red Coral for multiple benefits and varied results.

b) Pearl will be extremely beneficial to Cancer ascendant individuals. The Moon is the lord of your ascendant and a naturally benefic planet in your horoscope, so it is likely to promote good health, wealth, personal contact with individuals of the highest authority, and a luxurious life. Pearl must be wear with Red Coral for multiple benefits and varied results.

c) Individuals with Scorpio ascendant are advise to wear this gem throughout their life as the Moon is the lord of the ninth house which is the house of fate and fortune. Pearl will assist you in all aspects. Pearl must be wear with Red Coral for multiple benefits and varied results.

d) The Moon is a benefic planet for Pisces ascendant individuals because the planet is the lord of the fifth house for this ascendant. It is recommend to wear this yellow sapphire gemstone throughout your life for maximum and effective results.

Which ascendants should never wear Pearl?

a) The Moon is the lord of the third house and is not a benefic planet for individuals with Taurus ascendant. You can wear Pearl Gemstone if Moon is place in its sign or exalt in your Janampatri or Mahadasha Moon from Antardasha Moon in another Mahadasha running in your Horoscope.

b) The Moon is the lord of the second house and for the Gemini ascendant, it is the malefic planet, Marak. So individuals of this ascendant should avoid wearing this gemstone. You can wear this stone if the Moon is place in its sign or exalt sign. And during the main and sub-periods of the Moon which are Moon Mahadasha and Moon Antardasha.

c) Moon being the lord of the twelfth house is a negative planet for Leo ascendant. Therefore you should avoid wearing this stone unless the Moon is place in Cancer. And you are transiting Moon Mahadasha and Moon Antardasha.

When should you Avoid it?

a) Pearl is not recommend for the ascendant in Virgo because the Moon is a negative planet in your horoscope. You can wear a pearl only if the Moon is place in its sign or if it is recommende by experience astrologers.

b) The pearl is not suitable for individuals with the ascendant in Libra. Because the Moon is the lord of the tenth house for this ascendant. You can wear this gemstone during the run of Moon Mahadasha and Antardasha.

c) The eighth house is the Maraka house for individuals with the ascendant in Sagittarius and the Moon is the lord of the eighth house. Therefore, you should avoid wearing Pearl gemstones unless the Moon is place in the sign of Cancer or Taurus. You are undergoing Mahadasha and Antardasha Moon.

d) The Moon is not a benefic planet for Capricorn Ascendant individuals. Therefore it is recommend to wear the Moon if it is in its own sign or exalt sign or you are going through a major or sub-period of the Moon.

e) Moon being the lord of the sixth planet is a natural malefic planet for Aquarius ascendant individuals. And it is recommend to wear a pearl only. If you are running Mahadasha and Antardasha Moon.

A pearl Moti would give relief from the malefic effect of which planet and which Maha Dasha?

a) The pearl would remove the malefic effects of the Moon in your horoscope.

b) The pearl also neutralizes the negative or malefic influence of the planets on the Moon in the individual’s horoscope.

c) Pearl is beneficial worn during Moon Mahadasha and Moon Antardasha in any Mahadasha.

Pearl Moti| Benefits of Pearl Moti|
Peal Moti

When, where and how to wear Pearl Moti?

a) The pearl must be worn on Monday the first hour after sunrise. One can wear it at home by performing certain rituals at a place where puja is regularly perform so that the stone gets energize and activate.

b) A pearl is consider auspicious if it is 5, 7 or 9 carats and is a South Sea or Valenzuela pearl. You can buy this auspicious gemstone online to get multiple results.

c) The ring with the pearl must be made of silver metal and the ring must be immerse in unboil milk, pure water or honey and left inside for about 30 minutes.

d) You have to chant the mantra “Om Som Samay Namah” 108 times and take a ring of unboiled milk, pure water or honey and offer it to the idol of Lord Shiva.

e) You can also chant the mantra “Om Chandraya Vidmahe, Lakshmi Sahodaraya Deheemahi, Thanno Sasishekhara Prachyodayat. Om Sraam, Sreem, Sroum, Chandramaase Namah” five times and wear the ring. This mantra must be chant every Monday for nine weeks.

f) The ring with the pearl must be wear on the little finger of the right hand.

How to wear Pearl Moti| Pearl Moti|
How to wear Pearl Moti

On which finger should Pearl Moti be worn?

a) The pearl ring must be worn on the little finger of the right hand.

b) Few astrologers also recommend wearing a pearl ring on the ring finger.

c) Get a recommendation from an Indian astrologer before wearing a pearl stone ring.

How many days does Pearl take to show effects?

The pearl manifests itself after four days and the best result from the pearl can be use for two years, after which the stone becomes inactive.

After deactivating it, you should change the gem.

What are the side effects of Pearl Moti?

a) The pearl should not be worn with precious stones such as diamonds, emeralds, blue sapphires, or a cat’s eye, otherwise, it may reduce the effect of its power and energy on you.

b) A cheap, bad and used gemstone would create an inauspicious result. If the pearl does not suit you, you are likely to suffer from migraines or face mental restlessness.

You must consult your horoscope from the best astrologer in your world while wearing the gem or it will give you harmful results.

How to wear an Astrological Pearl Moti correctly?

Follow these steps and you can activate and charge your gem to get good results.

  • Dip the ring in a mixture of raw milk, pure water (Gangajal) and honey.
  • Put the pearl ring on the little finger of the working hand.
  • Early Monday morning between 5 am and 7 am is the right time to wear a moto.
  • Chant the mantra “Om Chandraya Naham” (उफ़म् चन्द्राय नमः) 108 times before wearing.
  • For best results, you should only wear it in silver metal.

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