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Sun is one of the foremost powerful deities in Hinduism. he’s a God with nice capabilities and powers. Rig sacred writing – the oldest Indian scripture describes the divine and powerful Hindu deity during a religious text mantra. he’s the final word supply of sunshine and therefore the origin of the universe. it’s aforesaid that the Sun is amongst the most ancient Gods in Hinduism. aside from Hinduism, more religions around the world worship Sun because of its greatness and style.

In Hindu Mythology, Sun is depicted as riding a chariot driven by seven horses. These horses represent the seven physical structures Chakras and rainbow colors. He typically carries lotus as an emblem of life, Sankha (conch), Chakara (discus), and Gada (mace). Hindu deity is graded more than several Gods because of his unimaginable ability to nurture life on earth and healing powers. Hindu deity in Hinduism is taken into account to be an eye fixed of the Virata Purusha (The universal type or Supreme Being). several teams like saints, asuras, rakshasa, and folks worship Hindu deity mutually of the 5 supreme Gods


The importance of offering water to the Sun and its benefits are also found in mythology. It is believed that offering water daily to the sun not only gives you peace but also keeps your health well. I was not even sure on this matter how it could happen? But since I started offering water to the sun myself, I saw so much change in myself and I too started believing in this.

Rules for offering water to the sun

Glass, plastic, silver, etc. should not be used in any metal utensil to give water to the sun. Only the use of a copper vessel is appropriate when giving water to the Sun. Also, other planets are strengthened by offering water to the Sun. Some people also add jaggery or rice to the water while offering arghya to the Sun. This is meaningless, it reduces the effect.

While giving water to the sun with both hands, keep in mind that the edge of the sun’s rays must be visible in it.

Water should be offered only by facing towards the east.

If someday it happens that the Sun God is not visible, then burn it by facing towards the east.

While giving water, take care that the water does not touch your feet.

Increases immunity

Scientists have believed that when we offer water to the sun in the morning, the rays emanating from the sun give us health benefits. The rays of the sun coming out in the morning correct the imbalance of colors in the body. The sun’s rays consist of seven colors. These colors work on the ‘science of colors’. Scientists believe that these colors balance due to the effect of these rays while giving water to the sun in the morning and also increase the immunity in the body.

Vitamin D deficiency is overcome

Nowadays, we spend all day sitting in AC in offices and homes, due to which there is a deficiency of vitamin D in the body. And many types of diseases surround our body. You also get vitamin D by offering water to the sun. Yes, sunlight does not allow the deficiency of vitamin D in the body, and diseases caused due to deficiency of vitamin D do not occur in the body. If your body is deficient in vitamin D, then offer water to the sun daily.

Positive energy

According to religious beliefs, Surya is placed in the category of Gods. He is also said to give direct darshan to devotees. The Sun also has special significance from a scientific point of view. It is considered a symbol of positive energy. The rays of the sun remove the bacteria present in the body and make them healthy.

Mind is concentrated

Women who offer water to the sun god every day, the sun god always maintains his grace on them. Yes, by offering water to the sun, the mind is concentrated. Which increases the ability to learn. Such women also solve the difficult problem in a pinch. Apart from this, good thoughts come to the mind by offering water to the sun. Which makes one feel happy. This increases the ability to think and understand. It also works to strengthen your willpower.

Helps in better sleep

The balance of the body remains due to the process of getting up early in the morning and sleeping early at night. It removes problems like fatigue, sleeplessness, and headache. This makes the brain active.

Affects every organ

Our body is made up of five elements. One of these elements is fire. Surya has been considered as the factor of fire. Therefore, by offering water to the sun in the morning, its rays fall on the whole body. Due to which all the organs like the heart, skin, eyes, liver, and brain become active. Apart from this, the morning light of the sun also works to increase your beauty and also relieves the problem of eyes.

So what is the delay, from today onwards, like me you also offer water to the sun every day?

If you are troubled by a financial crisis or if your work is getting worse. If diseases have settled in your house, then you should do one thing daily. According to astrology, if you do these things every day, then you will overcome all obstacles.

Know what is the relationship between Vastu and Surya?

Offering water to the sun has a direct impact on our personality. Since the Sun is the lord of all the planets, so if they are happy, then the rest of the planets will show blessings on their own. In the Puranas, worship of the sun has been described as the curing of all diseases. According to Hinduism, giving water to the sun brings balance to your life.

Scientific reason

Scientific reason: The scientific reason behind offering water to the sun is that when we offer water to the sun, it affects our health. The morning fresh air and the first rays of the sun fall on us. Which is beneficial for our health. While offering water to the Sun, when we see the rising sun amidst a stream of water, the eye light rises. The sun’s rays also have many properties like vitamin D, which is beneficial for us.

Logic of astrology

According to astrology, the Sun is the ruler of all the planets. If instead of pleasing all the planets, only the sun is worshiped and water is offered to them regularly, then your destiny is sure to arise.

Take care of special things

While offering water to the Sun, we should take care of some special things.

The copper lota should always be used to offer water to the sun.

Rice, Roli, flower leaves, etc. should be offered in water.

Gayatri Mantra should be recited while offering water.

You can also recite the 12 names of Lord Surya.


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