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Navagraha will be peaceful with Panch Pallav, the crisis will be averted

Navagraha will be peaceful with Panch Pallav, the crisis will be averted

Navagraha will be peaceful with Panch Pallav, the crisis will be averted

Sometimes in life such crises suddenly come about which a person is not even aware of. Suddenly oneself or someone in the family starts suffering physical or financial or suddenly there is a big loss of money. Accidents, disputes or similar troubles start coming suddenly. All this happens due to the changing movements and conjunctions of the planets. If the position of the present transit is completely opposite from the position of the planets present in the horoscope of a person, then such situations are created. Sometimes this situation is also auspicious. If suddenly similar inauspicious incidents start happening to you, then measures should be taken for this Navagraha peace.

Nav Grah

Although there are many remedies for Navagraha peace, but in Vedic astrology, the remedy of Pancha Pallava is considered to be the best. What is this Pancha Pallava experiment, let’s know..

Pancha Pallava : Pancha Pallava means Panchang of five types of trees. Panchang of trees means its five things. Fruit, flower, leaf, root and stem bark. These five things are called Panchang of any tree. Five such items are taken of five specific trees. These five trees are Kadamba, Peepal, Mango, Jamun and Gular. Taking equal quantity of Panchang of these five trees, grind them well on the cob stone and make a paste.

Chant the mantra 108 times for nine consecutive days in the morning at sunrise, apply this paste on the head, both the arms, the chest area, around the navel and both the thighs, leave it for some time and then take a bath with cold water. After this chant the mantra of Navagraha 108 times – Brahmamurari Tripurantkari Bhanu: Shashi Bhumisuto Budhsh Gurush Shukra: Shani Rahu-Ketav: Sarve Graha Shanti Kara Bhavantu.

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Pancha Pallava Prayog brings peace to all the planets. Balance is established in the planets. If any planet is weak or someone more powerful then they all become equally strong. Sudden calamities in life get pacified. This experiment is helpful in getting lucky. Those whose fate is upset, if they do this experiment according to the rules, then progress will be made everywhere. It is also used to get rid of financial troubles. For this, after bathing the Pancha Pallava, three recitations of Shri Sukta are done. This practice also gets rid of physical diseases. The blood is purified and skin diseases are cured.

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