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Mysterious signals from 19 stars together in the world’s most powerful antenna, scientists sleep

Mysterious signals from 19 stars together in the world’s most powerful antenna, scientists sleep

Mysterious signals from 19 stars together in the world’s most powerful antenna, scientists sleep

What are the mysterious things present in our universe, humans cannot fully detect it even in millions of years and at this time when astronomy is in its infancy, at that time our scientists are getting many such mysterious signals, Which makes them sleepy. The world’s most powerful radio antenna has simultaneously caught mysterious signals from 19 different stars, after detecting which scientists are also puzzled, what is the secret of these signals? (all photos courtesy NASA)

We found a mysterious flashing radio signal from near the centre of the  galaxy

Signals from 19 planets simultaneously

According to the team from the University of Queensland, all the signals have come from red dwarf stars up to 165 light-years from Earth, and there are four signals that are being studied that these planets may be hidden. A team of experts from the Dutch National Observatory has simultaneously captured signals from 19 stars through the Low Frequency Array (LOFAR), a powerful radio telescope based in the Netherlands. Scientists and astronomers studying the signals coming from different planets say that many planets continue to emit powerful radio waves and their magnetic waves keep spreading with the winds. However, this is the first time that astronomers have been able to detect radio waves from an exoplanet, and it is ‘an important step for radio astronomy’.

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Secret of mystical signals

The team of astronomers says that the signals that have been found are mysterious, but whether those planets are habitable or not, whether there is life on those planets or not, nothing has been known from those signals yet. Along with this, it has not been known from the study of these signals, what is the size of these planets and is there any life there? The study’s lead author, Dr Benjamin Pope, said that their results could lead to new techniques in the search for worlds orbiting stars other than our own. Previously, astronomers were able to detect only the nearest stars in stable radio emission, such as Proxima Centauri, which is just four light years away from Earth, but now we have been able to detect distant stars as well.

The secrets of the astronomical world will open Scientists believe that the radio signals were exotica like interstellar gas or black holes, but according to the team of scientists, detecting radio signals from distant stars as a means of finding planets orbiting those stars. opens the door to the world of radio astronomy. The researchers focused on red dwarf stars, which are much smaller than the Sun and known to have intense magnetic activity that drives stellar brightness and radio emissions. However, some old and magnetically inactive stars have challenged the conventional thinking of scientists.

Study of author Dr. Joseph Collingham of Leiden University said that the team believes that these radio signals are coming from the magnetic connection of stars, which are orbiting different stars. It could be something similar to that of their moons orbiting Jupiter. Scientist Dr. Joseph Collingham said that, “Our own Earth also has aurora (glow), commonly recognized here as the northern and southern lights, which also emit powerful radio waves. This creates a connection between the planet’s magnetic field with the solar wind.

CHIME telescope detects more than 500 mysterious fast radio bursts in its  first year of operation | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Astonishing spectacle in space Scientists have said that the model we have to measure radio signals is that of Jupiter and Io, in which a planet is surrounded by a star’s magnetic field, causing huge magnetic currents to flow. And because of which very powerful aurora is formed. Scientists said that, ‘This is such a spectacle that has attracted our attention from light years away.’ The team of scientists says that, even though we have succeeded in detecting the signal, but there is still a lot of information to be gained from this signal and the planets from which the signals have been received, now those planets can be seen with telescopes. Efforts will be made and efforts will be made to understand their science.

Mystery radio signal sent to Earth from 'closest ever point' within Milky  Way

Features of the telescope . The telescope LOFAR has been designed and built by ASTRON in the Netherlands, but is now being used in astronomical stations from the UK to Italy and around Europe, helping to obtain and detect a large single Is.

At the same time, scientists hope that after the construction of the Square Kilometer Array Radio Telescope in Australia and South Africa, they will be able to see hundreds of stars at very large distances. The authors said the work demonstrates that radio astronomy is on the verge of revolutionizing our understanding of planets outside our solar system. Let us tell you that this research has been published in Nature Astronomy.

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