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Must see this yoga before enrolling in engineering.

Must see this yoga before enrolling in engineering

Must see this yoga before enrolling in engineering.

Engineering is one such field, the need of which seems to be everywhere. That is why it has been the desire of parents for years to make their children engineers. Earlier there were only a few branches like civil, electrical, mechanical engineering, but as the dominance of technology increased, many branches of engineering came to the fore. Now that this era has become completely technology based, so engineering is being used in large quantities everywhere. Along with this, the demand for engineers has also increased rapidly, although the shortage of qualified and skilled engineers remains even today and the competition in this field has also increased a lot. In such a situation, if you also want to make your children engineers, then first you should show their horoscope. Because astrology helps a lot in choosing the right career.

yoga before enrolling in engineering

Let us know which planets and yoga’s are responsible for making the person a successful engineer and giving success in this field.

In Vedic astrology, information about the engineering and technical fields is obtained from Mars and Saturn. Saturn is considered the representative planet of iron related materials, machines, tools, instruments, electronics etc. On the other hand, Vidyut is the representative planet of Agni, Electric and works to speed up the machines. Both Mars and Saturn have a great influence in the engineering field.

Along with the auspicious planets and the sight of the auspicious planets, it can be said that the entire field of engineering is governed by these two planets. If Saturn and Mars are strong, with benefic planets and in the aspect of auspicious planets in the horoscope of a person, then the person can make a successful career in the field of engineering. These include mechanical engineering, automobile engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, civil engineering, electrical sector and civil engineering.

yoga before enrolling in engineering

It is also necessary to study the tenth and eleventh house along with the position of Mars and Saturn in the horoscope of certain yoga engineering. Because the tenth house is the place of livelihood and the eleventh is the place of income. With the presence of auspicious planets like Mercury and Jupiter in both these houses, if there is an auspicious yoga of Saturn-Mars, then the person earns special success. If Saturn is in Capricorn or Aquarius in the horoscope or if it is in its exalted sign Libra, then it is beneficial for engineering and technical work. The strong Shani of the tenth house not only makes the person a successful engineer, such a person also earns money from abroad. The presence of strong Mars in the tenth house also gives success in this field. The presence of Mars in Aries, Scorpio and aspect of auspicious planets is auspicious for electronics, building construction sectors. If Saturn is in the fourth house of happiness, then due to its aspect on the tenth house, it creates a progressive yoga in technical fields.

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