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Mundan Muhurat in 2023? and its Importance

Mundan Muhurat – celebrating a baby’s first haircut

Mundan Muhurat: Indian culture has included the Mundan or head-shaving ritual for young children for many centuries. It is one of the traditional ceremonies practise in Hindu culture and has many allusions and hidden meanings associate with it. Mundane ritual is often consider a very crucial aspect of a child’s development. So it is done with the utmost care and consideration.

What is Mundan Sanskar

The child is first shorn during the Mundan ritual, leaving only a few strands on the top of the head known as the Shikha or body. This is to protect the area of ​​the brain that helps memorization.

The Shikha is also believe to refer to the place where, according to tradition, the spirit leaves the body when a person dies. It is usually done in the first or 3rd year after birth. Then, based on the child’s astrology, the priest consults the auspicious Munda date of 2023 or tomorrow’s Shubh Muhurat.

Mundan Muhurat 2023| Shubh Muhurata 2023|
Mundan Muhurat

Importance of Mundan Muhurat Sanskar

Hinduism observes and practices sixteen rituals, all of which were approve by sages and date back to the good old Vedic era. These rituals begin at birth and continue until one dies. The eighth of the sixteen rituals, the Tonsure ceremony, also known as Mundan Sanskar, is perform by the participants with complete devotion and confidence. No matter how modern one may become, most people never neglect such celebrations because their faith in such customs always makes them see the positive side. Mundana ritual and trying to find Mundana muhurat is also the least that parents can do for their beloved children.

A person is born after passing through several yonis (passages). The hair that grows on a child’s head after birth represents the evil of that child’s previous existence. The purpose of the first child hair removal ceremony is to give the child a life free of vice and the influence of anything negative from previous lives. The mundane ritual will support the growth of positive human values ​​and the elimination of negativity.

A child should be brought up with excellent morals if born within a mere human yoni. The event should be plan explicitly in a religious environment to familiarize the child with a spiritual environment. There are specific guidelines to follow when remembering this ritual.

Rules in Baby Mundan Ceremony

Mastak Lepan

Ghee, milk and water are pour on the child’s head. In Hinduism, the cow is consider a very kind gentle animal and is give the rank of parent (mata). To help the baby develop the qualities that belong to the sweet Mother Cow, this exceptional mixture is first applied to the baby’s hair. Products like milk, curd and ghee are consider highly nutritious, and while the infant’s hair is wash with all these substances, family and friends demand that the baby be endow with the qualities of a cow. This is done so that the child’s thinking develops in a morally admirable way.

The child should be initially place on the parent’s lap during Mundan Sanskar and milk, curd and ghee mixture should be apply on his head. After that, the parents must recite the accompanying mantra and wish their child a brighter tomorrow and intellectual growth.

Trishika Bandhan

The human mind is truly consider a miracle. It is divide into a construction centre, a foster centre and a control centre. Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva are credite with creating these 3 centres. The child’s hair is also divide into three sections, each section being connect by kalawas woven from kushu (green grass). Instead of preventing demonic forces from taking up residence in the child’s head, this is done to protect the young brain from darkness.

Mundan Muhurat| Shubh Muhurata| Astroeshop Mundan Muhurat 2023|
Mundan Muhurat

Churra Pujan

A unique knife or razor use exclusively for religious purposes should be use for the Mundan ritual. Old knives or scissors should not be use for mundane ceremonies. Instead, use a professional razor with an appropriate level of sharpness. The tool must first have a mud paste before cleaning it thoroughly with hot water. After that, the vessel must be place on the puja plate. Then, while meditating, tie a ribbon to the blade and offer flowers, akshata, halwa or rice along with the incense burner.

Nava Vastra Pujan

Accepting the new beginning of the child after the Mundan ceremony is know as Nava Vastra Pujan. A snake leaves its previous life behind when it sheds its old skin. The child’s hair is also clean-shaven for the same reason to symbolize the child entering a new life and leaving the old one. The child’s brand-new clothes are place on a tray during the recitation and Akshat and petals are present.

Mundan Muhurat/ Sanskar Vidhi

Children’s first tonsure is always perform on a lucky day and hour, depending on the date of birth. This day is also call “Mundan muhurat” which is select by the priest considering various astrological and mythical elements.

The priest organizes the havan or service on the appointed day and hour. The youth is on their mother’s lap as they sit before the sacred altar.

While some families prefer to have the ceremony in their homes, others would perform it in a temple or shrine. Although some families chose to perform the Mundan ceremony on the banks of the sacred Ganges, now it is perform at home due to time constraints and other factors.

The priest cuts a small part of the child’s hair while reciting holy chants. The divine hymn is also know as ‘Mundan Sanskar Chant.” These mantras were specially create for this event. The mantra is believe to protect children from evil spirits and harmful influences from their previous lives. This is a cleansing procedure.

  • This will help in the process of Moksha or freedom, which is one of the fundamental principles of Hinduism.
  • The hairdressing ceremony is different for boys and girls. The girls have shave heads, but the boys are left with a patch or tuft of hair on their crowns. This is often referr to as Shika and indeed denotes the boy’s Gotra.
  • The barber carefully removes the remaining hair.
  • The priest then administers holy water, also known as ‘Gangaajal’, to wash the child’s head. It is say that water can help calm and treat headaches.
  • The shaved hair is then offer to the gods or distribute in some other way, as recommend by the World’s Famous Astrologer.

After Mundan Muhurat

  • After shaving, the head is clean with holy water and, if necessary, a herbal preparation with sandalwood and a little turmeric is apply to the wounds.
  • To protect the child from the evil eye, each strand of the child’s shorn hair is often wrap in a cloth and donated to a holy river such as the Ganga.
  • The cubs are then wash with warm water to remove any hair or dust that may have caught on their bodies.
  • In specific communities, the ceremony is perform in conjunction with a large celebration, similar to a newborn celebration, to which the whole family is invite.
  • A mundane ceremony for a baby girl is organize privately with only close family to protect the child from outside influences.
Mundan Muhurat 2023| Mundan Muhurat| Shubh Muhurata 2023|
Mundan Muhurat

Precautions to keep in mind

  • You must confirm that the barber you requested for Mundana is an expert in the field.
  • Make sure the barber uses sterile tools and the blade is brand new.
  • Keep in mind that the child has enough sleep so that he is not irritable during Mundan. If the child is upset or crying, it can be difficult to finish it properly.
  • Last but not least, make sure that the child is not turn to face the mirror. The key is that the child should not witness the procedure as it can scare them.


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