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Mithuna Sankranti 2023: Date, Time, History and Significances

Mithuna Sankranti 2023 or Sankranthi?

Mithuna Sankranti 2023 marks the beginning of the third solar month in the Hindu calendar. All the twelve Sankranti in the year are very auspicious for Dan-Punya activities. Only a certain duration of time before or after each moment of Sankranti is considered auspicious for Sankranti-related activities.

For Mithuna Sankranti, sixteen Ghatis after the moment of Sankranti are considered Shubh or auspicious and the time window from Sankranti to sixteen Ghatis after Sankranti is taken for all Dan-Punya activities.

During Mithuna Sankranti, donating or donating clothes is considered very auspicious.

Mithuna Sankranti falls on June 14 or June 15 2023. In South India, Sankranti is called Sankramanam.

Mithun Sankranti in 2023: Date & Time

Mithuna Sankranti falls on June 14 or June 15 2023. In South India, Sankranti is called Sankramanam. It is a four-day festival where devotees welcome the rain and celebrate with joy and happiness. This time single girls dress up beautifully with ornaments and married women enjoy games in the hall and rest from housework. It is also Raja Parba in Odisha.

Rituals of Mithuna Sankranti?

Lord Vishnu and Goddess Earth are worship on this day. People of Odisha wear traditional clothes and a special puja is dedicate to the grinding stone which represents mother earth.

The stone is decorate with flowers and vermilion. It is believe that as the earth prepares for rain, similarly young girls prepare for marriage and pray to the Almighty.

Another common ritual of Raja Parba is tying swings to the bark of a banyan tree and girls enjoy swinging and singing on it. There are different types of swings that are use like ram doli, dandi doli and chakri doli. It is say that Mithuna Sankranti is very auspicious for donating clothes to needy people.

Like all other Sankranti festivals, it is sacred to pay homage to one’s ancestor on this day and many people visit temples on the banks of rivers to perform it.

Mithuna Sankranti 2023, Mithuna Sankranti|
Mithuna Sankranti

Significance of Mithun Sankranti?

People sing raja gita, a popular folk song of the state. Men and women walk the ground barefoot to welcome the rain, and there is much dancing and singing.

Hindus also believe in fasting on Mithuna Sankranti to please the Sun God and ensure that the coming months of their lives are more peaceful and happy. The temple of Lord Jagannath in Odisha is decorating and devotees gather in large numbers to worship the Lord and his consort Bhudevi (Earth Goddess).

Mithuna Sankranti 2023

Mithuna Sankranti 2023 is celebrate on the 25th of June, Thursday on the occasion of the Sun moving into another constellation called Gemini or Mithuna. Known as Mithuna Sankramanam in South India, it is consider one of the most auspicious occasions according to Hindu traditions and customs. People in Odisha celebrate it as Raja Sankranti, a four-day festival consisting of several interesting activities. It marks the beginning of the agricultural year across Odisha and is call Raja Parba. More precisely, people welcome the first rains officially by celebrating this festival.

History of Mithuna Sankranti 2023?

Mithuna Sankranti is celebrate for four days because of the interesting mythological depiction associated with it. The Earth Goddess or Bhudevi is the consort of Lord Vishnu who is know to experience menstruation covering a period of the first three days. Great celebrations are held in the form of Vasumati Gadhu, which is the fourth and last day when Bhudevi is giving a prosperous bath. The temple of Lord Jagannath in Puri consists of silver idols of Bhudevi decorated with grandeur.

Mithuna Sankranti 2023|Sankranti 2023|
History of Mithuna Sankranti

Mithuna Sankranti 2023 – a reflection of Indian customs and traditions?

Single girls dress up in beautiful dresses and celebrate Raja Parba along with their friends and family. Raja Dholi Khela is an interesting event observed as part of a festival in Orissa where girls desirous of a worthy husband get on the swings. As part of the traditions, girls sing Raja Gita and others play card games and Ludo.

The four-day festival begins with the first day observed as Pahili Raja. Several traditional events are holds like swinging on different swings name Ram Doli, Dandi Doli and so on. The second day is celebrate as Raja which is simply know as Mithuna Sankranti. Basi Raja is the third day which marks the completion of menstruation.

Mithuna Sankranti 2023| Sankrant| Sankranti 2023|
Ritual: Mithuna Sankranti

Vasumati Snan – Ode to Bhudevi?

People in traditional Odiya costumes observe the last day of Mithuna Sankranti by showing their gratitude to the Earth Goddess. Locally referred to as Bhudevi, devotees perform special pujas to seek her divine blessings, apart from a holy bath down to the whetstone. Perhaps the stone is consider to be a replica of Bhudevi, which people consider to be a celebration.

It is beautifully decorate with turmeric powder, various flowers, sandalwood and vermilion. The festival has a direct meaning for nature and women. As the earth prepares for the early collisions, young maidens are also know to prepare for the perfect marriage alliance.

Everyone looks forward to celebrating the specific event of tying rope swings to banyan trees to have a good time with their family members, relatives and friends. The whole atmosphere turns colorful and the girls try to outdo each other by wearing beautiful clothes. Also, Gotipua dances are organize in villages reflecting typical Odiya culture.

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