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Meena Sankranti 2023 Date, Time, Significance, and Rituals

Meena Sankranti 2023 will be celebrated in the month of March. The beginning of the twelfth month in the Hindu calendar is celebrate as Meena Sankranti 2023. This is the last month and on this day the sun enters the house of Pisces. This day is also know as Meena Sankramanam in South India. Like all other Sankranti festivals, it is auspicious to donate items and receive blessings on this day. This day is celebrate in different ways according to the culture and it is said that donating land on this day is a good way to seek luck for yourself.

It is say that the sixteen ghats that follow Sankranti are consider shubh ghats. Many kinds of holy chanting and pooja are done in families to free one from the sins of the past. Bathing in the holy waters of the Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati is consider auspicious. Sankranti marks the beginning of a new month in all other Hindu cultures except Bengali, so it is believe that good deeds today will pay off throughout the coming month.

Meena Sankranti 2023| Sankranti 2023|
Meena Sankranti 2023

Meena Sankranti 2023 is on Wednesday 15th March!!

Sankranti on Wednesday 15 March 2023

Meena Sankranti Punya Kala – 06:47 AM to 1:10 PM

Duration – 06 hours 23 minutes

Meena Sankranti 2023

Rituals of the day

On all twelve Sankranti including Meena Sankranti, the devotees would have a sacred bath as per muhurta.

While bathing, you should offer namaskar to the Sun God and pray to him for your well-being. This should best be done at sunrise.

  • This day is celebrate in different ways to get blessings, happiness and prosperous life for our family.
  • Temples and mandirs at home are decorate with flowers and incense sticks, lamps and sweets are offer to God.
  • Brahmins and needy people are give daan which includes ann daan (donation of grains), dhana daan (donation of money) and vastra daan (donation of clothes). It is especially beneficial for a devotee to donate land on this particular day.
Meena Sankranti 2023| Sankranti|
Meena Sankranti 2023

Significance of Meena Sankranti 2023

Pisces Sankranti is say to have great importance in the scriptures. This day is not only consider holy and auspicious from the religious point of view but is also consider good practice. From Meen Sankranti, the speed of the sun is moving towards Uttarayan. In the Uttarayan period, the sun appears to rise towards the north. In it the time of day increases and the nights become short. With this, a new life begins in nature. At this time the atmosphere and the air also become pure. In such a situation, worship of God, yoga, meditation, and worship strengthen the body, mind and intellect.

At this time due to short nights, negative forces also decrease and energy is gain during the day. That’s why it is consider very auspicious to bathe in charity during the holy period. One can get merit by taking bath in pilgrimage places. The festival of Meena Sankranti 2023 is a holy festival of worship of the sun, through which the power of body, mind and soul can be obtain.

Story of Meena Sankranti

In astrology, the planet Jupiter is consider to be of special importance because Pisces is the sign of Jupiter and due to the entry of the Sun in it, the activity of Jupiter decreases due to the influence of the Sun. That’s why this time is know as Kharmas or Malmas. That’s why the story of Kharmas has special importance in Meen Sankranti.

According to the legend, once the sun god went with him on a chariot of horses to circumambulate the universe. During this, they do not have to stay anywhere. Due to continuous running for many months, the horses of Suraj Dev’s chariot get tier and they also start feeling thirsty. They get worry seeing this condition of the horses. The sun god takes his horses and reaches the bank of a pond. But only then he remembers that if he stops then life in the world will stop. Suraj Dev got upset and start looking here and there.

Meena Sankranti 2023| Festivals|
Meena Sankranti 2023

That’s why they see two Khar i.e. Gandharva on the banks of the pond. Surya Dev leaves the horses of the chariot to rest on the banks of the pond and adds Khar to the chariot in place of the horses. But the speed of Khar is not as fast as that of horses. Therefore, due to their slow motion, the speed of the chariot also slows down. Still, somehow the sun god had completed the cycle of 1 month.

Meena Sankranti’s worship method

  • It is believe that taking a bath in the rivers like Ganga, Jamuna, and Saraswati on the day of Meen Sankranti washes away the sins of many births.
  • Vedic mantras are chant on this day. Donating on this day is consider very auspicious.
  • On this day, at sunrise, a bath is take in a holy river. If it is not possible to do this, then one should bathe at home by mixing Ganges water in the water.
  • While taking a bath, salutations are prepare to the Sun God and he is pray for good health.
  • On this day, God is visit the temple and God is worship at home with incense, lamps, flowers, sweets etc.
  • The temples are beautifully decorate with flowers and lamps are lit.
  • On this day, the sins of all births are remove by doing charitable deeds.
  • The festival of Meen Sankranti is celebrate with great enthusiasm across the country.
Meena Sankranti 2023|Signifances of Sankranti| 2023 festivals|
Meena Sankranti 2023

Importance of donation on Meena Sankranti 2023

Donating special things on the auspicious day of Meen Sankranti is consider very auspicious. Mostly this day is consider the day to receive divine blessings. It is consider a very auspicious day to do charity on the day of Meen Sankranti. On the day of Meen Sankranti, food, clothes etc. are donate to Brahmins and the needy.

Donating land on the day of Meena Sankranti brings immense happiness, prosperity and growth. That’s why donating on the day of Meen Sankranti is consider to be of special importance.

Measures to be take on the day of Meen Sankranti

  • On the day of Meena Sankranti, the deity is worship.
  • Arghya is offer to the Sun God on this day.
  • Sesame, clothes and grains are donate on the day of Meen Sankranti.
  • Feeding a cow on the day of Meena Sankranti is consider auspicious.
  • Bathing is done in holy rivers on the day of Meena Sankranti.
  • Donating yellow clothes on Thursday of Malmas is consider auspicious.

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