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Medicine bath removes the pain of evil planets, know everything about it

Medicine bath removes the pain of evil planets, know everything about it

Medicine bath removes the pain of evil planets, know everything about it

We often see that when everything goes well in a person’s life, suddenly things start deteriorating, diseases come or money is lost, while all the planets are in the same state as they were in good times. Why does this happen? This is because when a planet is about to change its zodiac, it starts giving its results even before going to the next zodiac. This stage is also different for planets. Therefore, the last time of the transit of the planet in any zodiac continues, then it also starts giving the results of the next zodiac. Due to the fruits of both the zodiac signs, there is a change in the situation.

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Which planet gives the result of the next zodiac sign?

According to Vedic astrology, the Sun starts giving results in the next zodiac sign 5 days before the time of going to the next zodiac. For example, if the Sun is currently moving in Capricorn, then 5 days before entering Aquarius, it starts giving the fruits of Aquarius along with Capricorn. Similarly, Mars starts giving results for 8 days, Mercury 7 days, Venus 7 days and Moon 3 Ghati i.e. 1 hour 12 minutes before the next zodiac sign. Similarly, Rahu and Ketu start giving auspicious and inauspicious results for the next zodiac sign from 3 months before, Saturn 6 months before and Jupiter 2 months before. Therefore, when the zodiac sign of the most important planet is about to change in the horoscope of a person, then after seeing the above time, he should take measures to remove the planetary pain.

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Medicine bath removes the suffering of planets, to remove the pain of evil planets and to get rid of the defects arising from it, the fruits of medicine bath have been told in the scriptures. To pacify the Navagrahas and do evil, Laja- Paddy’s Lava, Kuth, Bariara, Tangun, Motha, Mustard, Turmeric, Daru- Deodar or Daru Turmeric, Sarpunkha and Lodhra should take bath by mixing these medicines in water. This bath removes planetary defects.

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What to donate?

Apart from these, donation is also done according to the planet to pacify the suffering of the evil planet. E.g. Dhenu- Married cow to pacify the defects of Sun, conch shell for Moon, red clothes for Mars, 80 Ratti gold for Mercury, Pitambar for Jupiter, white horse or white clothes for Venus, Shani’s peace One should donate a black cow, a beautiful sword for the peace of Rahu and a goat for the peace of Ketu. For the peace of all the planets, chanting and donation of Vedic or mythological mantras of planets is beneficial.

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