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Mantra to get wealth, according to the zodiac sign

Mantra to get wealth, according to the zodiac sign

Mantra to get wealth, according to the zodiac sign

In the era we are living in today, money means money has become a fundamental necessity.
That’s why it is said that “Baap bada na bhaiya, biggest rupaiya”. Have you ever imagined that if
you have no money in your pocket, your bank account balance runs out, then what will happen
to you? We get scared just thinking about this. Due to this fear, many people adopt many types
of magic tricks to get money. But do you know that in our religions and scriptures also there are
ways to get money? Every person has a moon sign and every moon sign has a ‘lord-planet’, and
every planet has a fixed presiding deity. If we please our presiding deity then our business and
financial problems can end.

So let’s know the presiding deity of our zodiac and the mantra that pleases him, so that the
problems related to money in our life can be ended Aries- The lord of Aries is the planet Mars. If Lord Hanuman ji is worshiped for all kinds of problems coming in life, then it can prove to be very helpful.

By chanting the mantra- Om Hanumante Namah daily, benefits are obtained in the economic
and financial field.

Taurus- The ruling planet of Taurus is considered to be Venus. Worshiping Maa Durga can
prove to be beneficial for Taurus natives to end all kinds of problems related to money.
Financial problems end by chanting the mantra- Om Durgadevyai Namah.

Gemini- The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury and the people of Gemini zodiac can get fame
by worshiping Lord Ganesha.

The chanting of Mantra- Om Ganga Ganpate Namah ends the problems in job and business.

Cancer- Moon is the lord of the planet Cancer. According to astrology, Lord Shiva is ruling the
Moon. Therefore, if the people of Cancer zodiac want to get the benefits related to money, then
Lord Shiva should be worshipped.

Mantra- Om Namah Shivaya chanting of mantra daily proves to be fruitful.

Leo- The ruling planet of Leo zodiac is Sun. The people of Leo zodiac get energy by worshiping
Lord Surya and by offering daily prayers.

Mantra- Om Suryaye Namah chanting gives benefits.

Virgo- The lord of Virgo zodiac is considered to be the planet Mercury. The people of this zodiac
get benefit in money related problems soon by worshiping Lord Ganesha.

Mantra – Chanting of the mantra Om Gam Ganapate Namah daily in the morning and evening
gives benefits.

Libra- The ruling planet of Libra is Venus. The worship of Goddess Lakshmi ji is considered
beneficial for the people of Libra zodiac. Now Goddess Lakshmi ji is the goddess of wealth
anyway, so if the people of Libra zodiac can please Goddess Lakshmi ji, then the problems
related to money come to an end.

Mantra- Chanting of the mantra Om Maha Laxmiai Namah, Lakshmi increases.

Scorpio – The planet of Scorpio zodiac is Mars. Worship of Hanuman ji is said to be auspicious
for the people of Scorpio zodiac.

Mantra- Om Hanumate Namah chanting of the mantra ends physical pain and money related

Sagittarius – Sagittarius sign is related to the planet Jupiter. Worship of Lord Vishnu is
auspicious for Sagittarius people.

Mantra- Om Shri Vishnave Namah Mantra chanting regularly gives benefits in business.

Capricorn- Saturn is the lord of Capricorn, so the worship of Shani or Hanuman ji is auspicious
for these people.

Mantra- Om Sham Shanishcharaye Namah: By chanting the mantra, obstacles are removed
and one gets happiness and peace.

Aquarius- Saturn is the lord of Aquarius. Lord Shankar is considered to be the guru of Shani, so
the people of this zodiac should worship Lord Shankar along with Shani.

Mantra- Om Mahamrityunjay Namah by chanting the mantra 108 times daily in the morning and
evening, all kinds of sorrows are removed.

Pisces – The lord of Pisces is called Jupiter. The people of this zodiac get benefit in money
related problems by meditating on Lord Narayana and chanting mantras.

The chanting of Mantra- Om Narayana Namah and Om Guruve Namah gives auspicious

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