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The Manik Stone is described in Eastern countries as a drop of blood of the heart of the mother earth. It is also known as the king and leader of all precious gems. There is a belief in India that those who dedicate the Manik Stone to Lord Shri Krishna, attain a higher position in the future. Manik is also known as Ruby in English. Manik is derived from the Latin word ruber which means red. Manik color ranges from light pink to dark red. Light-colored Manik ​​is considered suitable for women and dark-colored Manik ​​is suitable for men. Manik is an ideal gem for people in high positions. Manik means Manik is considered one of the oldest gems in Bible and Sanskrit writings. Manik is considered to be the gem of the Sun, in such a situation the person remains physically and mentally healthy. The Manik of Burma is the most popular of the Manik gems received from all over the world as it is considered to be the finest source of original red Manik ​​stone.

Myanmar is most commonly found as a Manik ​​mineral. The highest quality Manik ​​is found here. Initially, it had more mines in the upper part of Myanmar but then after 1990 more Manik started to be found in central Myanmar. The Manik ​​here is so red that its color is given the number of ‘pigeon’s blood.

Apart from Myanmar, this gem is also found in Nepal, Cambodia, India, Afghanistan, Australia, Namibia, Colombia, Japan, Scotland, Brazil, and Pakistan. Apart from this, Manik is also found in Sri Lanka, but the Manik ​​here is the lowest, which is pink in color.

Benefits of Astrology and Manik Stone

Manik is the jewel of the sun. The position of the sun is seen in the horoscope in relation to wearing it. It is better to wear Manik only after taking the advice of a knowledgeable astrologer, but here are common points about Manik according to the presence of the sun in the horoscope.

1. If the Sun is in the Ascendant, the Sun’s light gives obstacles in many ways. The problem related to progeny is prominent among them. And it is also painful for women. Such people should never wear Manik.

2. In the second house, the Sun obstructs wealth. Interruption in the job and business of the native arises. In this case, wearing Manik is considered beneficial. Manik purifies the effects of the Sun and the native is able to get good wealth.

3. The presence of Sun in the third house poses a threat to the younger brother. Such people often do not have younger brothers or they die. It is appropriate to wear Manik even in this position of the sun.

4. In the fourth house, the Sun creates obstacles in jobs, pleasure, and so on. Manik can also be worn in such a situation.

5. If Sun is in the fifth house, then Manik should be worn for maximum benefit and elevation.

6. If the Sun is in the sixth or eighth position of Bhagyesh and Dhanesh, then wearing Manik is beneficial.

7. If the Sun is in the best house, it gives health-related problems. Such people feel improved by wearing manicures.

8. If the sun is sitting in the fifth or ninth house in the form of Ashtamesh or Sastesh, then the native should wear Manik.

9. In the horoscope, if the sun is in its own house, that is, then such people should wear Manik without delay.

10. The Sun in the 9th house gives concern about the sons and is also harmful to the elder brother. Such persons should also wear Manik.

11. If the Sun is in the twelfth house then it causes problems for the eyes. Therefore, it is better to wear Manik to keep your eyes safe.

Method of Wearing Manik Stone

If you want to wear Manik, then put a 5 to 7-carat red or light pink transparent Manik in copper or gold ring and wear it on the ring finger of your right hand after the sun rises on the first Sunday of any Shukla Paksha!

To do the purification and consecration of the ring, first of all, immerse the ring in milk, Ganges water, honey, and sugar solution, then burn five incense sticks in the name of Sun God and pray that O Sun God receive your blessings. I am wearing your representative gem! Bless me!

After removing the ring from the water, chanting ॐ Ghrani: Surya Namah: Mantra, turn the ring over the incense Sticks by 108 times and after chanting the mantra 108 times, touch the ring with the feet of Vishnu or Sun God and hold it in the ring finger!

Manik starts giving effect in twelve days from the date of dharna and gives full effect for about four years then becomes dormant! For best effect, wear a transparent Manik ​​of 5 to 7-carat weight! Wearing cheap and unsightly gems can lead to loss of profit!

Options of Manik Stone

Manik is a very precious gem. So it is not possible to buy and wear it all. Hence, there are some gems that are less valuable than Manik but are similar to Manik. The first place in it comes from Spinel, which is called Laladi in Hindi. The second garnet is Stone, the third is Zircon and the fourth is Agate. They can be worn in the event of not getting the money or in case of not getting the money due to financial reasons.

Strengths in Manik Stone

Manik has the power to remove many diseases related to blood and at the same time, if a person suffering from tuberculosis wears it, then he gets the benefit of healing fast.

How to identify Manik Stone

The color of milk appears pink when pure milk contains genuine Manik. At the same time, by placing it in the glass vessel, a light beam appears around the pot.

Who should not wear Manik?

1. Manik gives damage in Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Libra as well as Aquarius.

2. If you have high BP or heart disease, don’t forget to wear Manik.

3. At the same time, those whose relationship with the father is not good, can also harm Manik.

4. Not only this, do not wear Manik even if you are in the areas associated with Saturn.

Manik According to the zodiac sign

Aries: In this Ascendant, the Sun is the lord of the fifth house and is sitting in the Ascendant. The fifth sense is the factor of intelligence, learning, and children. Therefore, wearing Manik will benefit intelligence, learning, and money.

Taurus: In this, the Sun is sitting in the Ascendant, owning the fourth house. The fourth house is of vehicle, house, mother, property, and happiness, etc. Wearing Manik will give happiness to all these things.

Gemini: In this horoscope, the Sun is located in the Ascendant through the third aspect. The third sense is of courage and valor. Being in the Ascendant of the Sun, the native has the ability of amazing power. He takes big tasks in his hand. Hence, it is beneficial for such a person to wear Manik to succeed.

Cancer: Sun is the owner of another house in this horoscope. The second emotion is the factor of speech, family, in-laws, and professional education. Wearing Manik leads to promotion in job, success in education, respect in family and in-laws, great talent in speech, and wealth.

Leo: In this horoscope, the sun is sitting in the ascendant after being the incumbent. Wearing Manik increases longevity, health in the body, money, and ceremonies, and the native illuminates the family name by being Kul Deepak.

Virgo: The Sun is sitting in the Ascendant, owning the 12th house. The twelfth price is expenditure, hospital, eye, sleep. Hence, people with this ascendant should not wear Manik, otherwise, there is an increase in expenses, there may be an inflow of hospital and a decrease in sleep, etc.

Libra: In this ascendant, the Sun will be the owner of the 11th house. The 11th house is related to profit and friendship. Therefore, by wearing Manik, relations with friends are good, and the chances of benefiting each person increase.

Scorpio: Sun will be the lord of the tenth house in this horoscope. The tenth house is the factor of politics, status, livelihood, etc. So wearing Manik can get government jobs, get government contracts, can get success in politics and some people can get high positions.

Sagittarius: In this horoscope, the Sun is sitting in the first house after being destined. Therefore, interest in religious practice will increase, you will get the privilege to travel abroad, fortunes will be strengthened in favor, and sweetness will come in the relationship of the father.

Capricorn: Sun in this horoscope becomes inauspicious due to Ashtamesh. Therefore, it is not beneficial to wear Manik. Wearing Manik increases disease in the body and worsens relationships with in-laws.

Aquarius: Being in the first house, one sees the seventh place, which increases the happiness of husband and wife. Sun becomes auspicious by owning a center. So wearing Manik is beneficial.

Pisces: In this horoscope, the Sun is seated and occupies the Ascendant house. The sixth sense is of disease, enemies, and opponents. Wearing Manik will increase the disease and the terror of enemies will increase, so the people of this horoscope should not wear Manik.

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