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We all have an interest in astrology whether believe it or not. If we do not have complete knowledge of this scripture, then the language of the astrologer surprises us. Words like Rashi, Swami, Lagna, Drishti, Graha, and Yoga confuse us. Let’s learn astrology in simple language so that next time when someone tells your predictions, you can understand it better.

There are twelve zodiac signs in astrology. Some experts are also claiming the 13th zodiac these days. Even some researchers have discovered the 14th zodiac.

  • For the time being we will talk about twelve zodiac signs.
  • Twelve zodiac signs come only in sequence. Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn Aquarius, Pisces.
  • Every zodiac has a planet. He is called its lord. Two zodiac signs have one lord. The only lords of Cancer and Leo are Moon and Sun.
  • Mars is the lord of Aries and Scorpio.
  • Venus is the lord of Taurus and Libra.
  • Mercury is the lord of Gemini and Virgo.
  • The lord of Cancer zodiac is Moon.
  • Sun is the lord of Leo zodiac.
  • Jupiter is the lord of Sagittarius and Pisces.

Saturn is the lord of Aquarius and Capricorn

  • One zodiac sign of each planet has the physical quality of the earth and the other mental quality. like Virgo – physical qualities and Gemini – mental qualities
  • Taurus physical and Libra mental
  • Scorpio – physical and Aries mental
  • Sagittarius – physical and Pisces mental
  • Capricorn – physical and Aquarius mental
  • The numbers written in the 12 places of the horoscope belong to the zodiac signs.
  • The signs are sequential only. From Aries to Pisces.
  • The number with which the moon is written in the horoscope is your zodiac. That is, the amount coming on that number will be yours. For example, if the Moon is written with the number 3 in your horoscope, then the zodiac sign of the third number i.e. Gemini will be your zodiac.
    The place in the middle of the horoscope is called the lagna and the number marked at that place is your ascendant.
  • For example, if 2 is written in the center of the horoscope, then Taurus will be ascendant and if the moon is with 11 points then the zodiac will be Aquarius.
  • From this center, 12 mines or houses are counted. The numbers will advance in clockwise order.
    Astrology has a special place in the subjects which Indian sages have realized through their divine vision. All Indians know the importance of Vedas. It is a part of Vedas. Astrology has a special place among them. It is said that in order to know the Vedas well, it is very necessary to study the seven scriptures like education, kalpa, grammar, nirukta, chhand and astrology, without their study, Vedic knowledge is incomplete. So you can understand how important is astrology.

Shad Vedanga

Education – It teaches the pronunciation of sounds.
Grammar – Provides knowledge of conjunction, simile, simile, inflection, sentence construction, etc.
Kalpa – Method for making Yagya.
Nirukta – Gives knowledge of the basic meaning of words.
Chhand – Instruction of stroke and rhythm for singing or chanting is established.

Astrology – It gives knowledge of the movement and position of celestial bodies (sun, earth, constellations). The book Vedanga Jyotish was different for each Veda. Vedanga Jyotish was composed by Lagadha Muni. In the Vedanga astrology of the four Vedas, only two texts are found – one Arch text and the other Yajus text. Two commentaries are found in this text, one is from the ancient commentary of a scholar named Somakar and the other is found in the name of Koundinnyayan Sanskrit interpretation.
The science of astrology is actually the light or light which provides such energy to the individual, family, and society, which is auspicious. Ha, the incomplete knowledge of the astrologer will leave no stone unturned to fulfill the proverb “quack danger Jaan”. The incomplete knowledge of the astrologer is definitely forcing people to look at the faith of this knowledge with suspicion. I am going to try to dispel the mistrust of astrology through the article “Learn Vedic Astrology in Hindi” or “Sunday Astrology”.

Astrology is such a science, after learning which the person becomes self-realized, and through this knowledge, the person provides positive direction to the family, society, and country. Through this article, I am going to try to teach astrology to all of you, hope that if you read this article regularly then you will definitely be able to assimilate astrology.

The people who want to learn astrology will have to be curious first. Will find If you think that Dhoda will run his shop after reading a lot of astrology, telling some lies and some truth, then let me tell you that your shop will run more than those who have more knowledge than you, you will become rich and famous, but its effect is on your own. Can be harmful to children.

Students who have a passion to learn astrology will definitely have to take care of the following things, only then they will be able to learn astrology such as-

1.Try to understand what you read instead of memorizing it.
2.Try to assimilate the text read.
3.Make someone your guru.
4.You can make anyone book as your guru.
5.Even in this electronic age, if you make a habit of making horoscopes by yourself then it will be very 6.beneficial for you.
7.Do not analyze your own horoscope

Take horoscopes from your friends and relatives and analyze them in detail.
Try to analyze the terminology of astrology.
Astrology is a science, so study astrology from a scientific point of view.
Don’t try to take the shortcut route.
Do not blindly believe the classical principles, first test them on the basis of your experience and then use them.
Always keep in mind the basic principles of astrology like Bhava, Bhavesh, and Bhava Karak, high and low state of auspicious and inauspicious planets, factors and nature of planets, etc.
Always say predictions based on the principles of astrology and not on the face value of the person.
If you are willing to learn astrology, then keeping the above points in mind, then surely you will be able to assimilate this subject.

Astrology and its Departments

There are mainly two parts of astrology – math astrology and result astrology. Within mathematics, the birth chart is mainly made through mathematics. In this, the position of the planets is calculated according to the date, time, and place. In the present time, through a computer, the creation of a horoscope is done in a few seconds, due to which the practice of handwritten calculation has gradually ended nowadays. In the present “Learn Vedic Astrology” series, I will not discuss mathematical astrology, but will directly discuss the resultant astrology.

As the result of astrology, the horoscope of the person is told on the basis of the planets, zodiac, and ascendants created in the medium of mathematics. Everyone likes to hear their future, so this sense of astrology becomes more important, however, astrology cannot be imagined without mathematics.

Bhava, Bhavesh, Rashi, and Planets

The entire astrology is based on 9 planets, 12 zodiac signs, 12 houses, and 27 constellations. Prediction is done on the basis of the planet, zodiac, house, house, and constellation. Worship of Navagraha is very important for learning astrology, so one must worship Navagraha once before studying astrology.

Om Brahma Muraristri Purantkari Bhanu: Shashi Bhumisuto Budhsch.
Gurush Shukra: Shani Rahuketavah Kurvantu Sarve Mam Suprabhatam.

Planets and their zodiac signs Planets and their zodiac sign
English name of the planet English name of the zodiac sign of the planet


Sun Leo
Moon Cancer
Mars Aries & Scorpio
Mercury Gemini & Virgo
Jupiter Sagittarius & Pisces
Venus Taurus & Libra
Saturn Capricorn & Aquarius
Rahu —
Ketu –

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