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Kundli Matchmaking: Unlocking the Secrets of Happy Relationships

Kundli matchmaking is the heart of Indian matchmaking where people use Vedic astrology. Kundli matching or Kundali matching however you spell it is a marriage matching point system with various methods of analyzing a couple’s marital compatibility.

Two well-known kundli pairing methods are Ashtakoot Guna Milan and Dasha Koot Guna Milan. Kundali matching parameters in North India are called Kootas and in South India they are called Poruthams.

In this article we will discuss 36 point based marriages called Guna Milan. We will also briefly touch upon the 8 types of koota match method and Ashtakoota kundli. But our main aim of this article is to reveal the secret of building a strong relationship with the help of high scores in kundli matching.

When we say a high score in Kundali matching, we mean at least a score of more than 18 points. Since 18 points in the minimum prescribed score to proceed to marriage many Vedic astrologers.

Kundli matchmaking| Matchmaking by Kundli| Kundli making|
Kundli matchmaking

What happens when the points scored in the kundli matchmaking are high?

If out of 36 points a couple gets something above 22 points, it can be said to be a high score. With a high kundali match score, two things are evident. The first is that there will be very less chance of occurrence of doshas like Nadi dosha, Bhakoot dosha and Gana dosha. And the second thing is that since the kundli match score has everything to do with the birth of the bride and groom, there is a good chance of optimal synchronization between the couple.

But even high marks scored in kundli cannot guarantee smooth functioning of married life. This is due to many flaws in our human nature, the most common of which is a mismatch of expectations.

So the question arises.

How to build a strong relationship with a good kundli matchmaking score?

Follow the basic steps that we have given below. This will help you develop your way of building a strong relationship. And if you understand these basics at their core value, it will be easy for you to achieve long-term harmony in your love life.

Focus on developing your relationship

In order to survive in this ever-changing world, it is necessary to keep growing. People fear change, but growth often comes with a face change. A boy and a girl who plan to stay in a relationship for a long time must understand that their relationship will have different phases. Some stages can be more exciting and adventurous. While some other stage of life may require a more cautious and mature approach. Compatibility definitely helps, but this is the approach that makes a great couple and leads to a happy married life.

The idea of ​​a growing relationship applies to both types of couples, one with an arranged marriage and even those who had a love marriage.

According to our analysis, good points scored in Gana pairing and Bhakoot pairing will help a lot in relationship building.

Kundli matchmaking| Matchmaking by Kundli|
Kundli matchmaking

Bhakoot is the ability of the bride and groom to connect and feel for each other. Bhakoot is not just about general love and friendship. It shows that the emotional layer of love and good compatibility in this area can provide probable assurance that whenever a bad situation occurs in a successful marriage, the couple will have feelings for each other at some point even after the struggle. This mutual empathy can bring them back together. And if their approach to the relationship is good, they will think about it constructively and strengthen the relationship for every time such a situation arises.

A common problem for relationship growth

The most common problem in growing a relationship is when two people start thinking in terms of themselves and the transaction of the relationship is limited to one individual. What is happening here is that the individual focuses so much on what she is not getting from the relationship or what she is deprived of in the relationship. No matter how high kundli compatibility score you have, this approach is doomed to failure in marriage.

Such a problem arises when the bride and groom have focused only or mostly on the consummation of the relationship since the early days of the relationship. The good things of a relationship can also be addictive. Don’t forget to think about the other person as well.

We always like to call the relationship between the bride and the groom an organism in itself. So two people in marriage are like organs for this organism. Now just imagine what happens when the two organs of a relationship begin to eat each other. Something like that can be over consuming in a relationship.

A win-win situation for the bride and groom?

This is the smartest way to achieve marital bliss. A win-win situation is when both parties benefit equally from the course of married life.

Never forget the fact that no matter how deep the love was when things started, marriage must always remain a transaction. A transaction that will last as long as the relationship lasts. Don’t get me wrong, but it is a known fact that a couple exchange many things during their life. A smart couple will always make room for selfless love in between these ever-ongoing transactions of a relationship. This happens with two mentions ahead.

One is that the couple must focus on the “WE” aspect of looking at the matter and not the “I” aspect.

The second is to take advantage of the high score levels you have. For example, with a good Graha Maitri compatibility in kundli pairing, work on your friendship in marriage. And always remember that you never want your friend to lose. Your friend who loses, you lose with them.

A good yoni compatibility can help cool down some serious conflicts between the bride and the groom. Because yoni pairing not only provides good sexual compatibility, but also connection and gratitude develops after the intimate closeness of the couple. It is necessary to nourish and nourish the quick fix that yoni matching provides with the help of understanding. The attitude needed for this can be provided by a good Tara match score and understanding can come from this small Varna match factor.

As long as both life partners are benefiting from the relationship, it is difficult to penetrate the discord, even if the boy and girl do not yet learn much about the relationship.

Kundli Matchmaking Building trust in married life

  • A relationship is a team effort.
  • For a happy married life, we need to understand that we are in a team and for that team to work, trust is an essential ingredient.
  • To build trust you need to focus on the following things.
  • Trust is not built in a short period of time. It is required that the bride and groom take some time.
  • When our words and actions are not aligned, we will not be able to build trust. Start small, but make sure your actions respect what your teammate (your life partner) said and what you promised them.

Innovate how you can play life’s ups and downs with your team and teammate, life partner. Learn to support your life partner. Sometimes things don’t go well for one person. And this time can be extended a bit. They may be going through a bad Dasha period or a bad planet transit. As we said, these are the stages of life. Don’t forget to support your life partner at that time.

Kundli matchmaking| Kundli Matching| Kundli online|
Kundli matchmaking

Understand compatibility analysis to your advantage

Now we want to share how most people use kundali matching scores and how they implement kundali matching.

Most people just check the kundli matchmaking score and get excited if it leads to a good score. And if they see a bad score, they worry about the future of the relationship. They may even seek some medicine or Pooja.

We are not against remedial measures like pooja. In fact, we favor them. But we have to understand that these kundli matchmaking scores are compatibility analysis numbers. Certain numbers always have a meaning. Most expert astrologers suggest a score of at least more than 18 points in kundli matching. We have to understand that they want us to have at least half of our marriage compatibility in proper coordination. It helps a lot.

And our goal in this article was for you to understand that there will be some strengths and also some weaknesses in a relationship, it’s up to us how we can work with it.


This will be a wise way for the bride and groom to understand their marital compatibility and stick to their strong kundli compatibility factors. In order to build a very strong relationship, it must offset the practices mentioned above in this article. In Vedic astrology, compatibility analysis gives you an idea of ​​what’s in your cup of tea. But a successful marriage and a happy married life require your contributions as well.

The more you work on your relationship skills, the more your love life will improve and improve with a high kundli match score.

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