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Kundli Matchmaking: Finding Your Soulmate through the Power

Kundli Matchmaking: Marriage is a part of Hindu tradition and even today horoscope matching is done before marriage in most households. The question is why horoscope matching is done and why is it so important. Also, Kundli matching compares the charts of the bride and groom. It is a symbol of the compatibility of the couple before marriage and it has been going on for centuries. The importance of Kundali matching is that it shows whether the husband and wife will be happy after marriage and whether their relationship will last forever or not. We get answers to other similar questions with the help of horoscope matching. Also, it helps in achieving a prosperous long-term and successful married life.

What is the meaning of Kundli Matchmaking

Along with this, the process of Kundali matchmaking is the most important aspect because in this the zodiac and nature of two people are match. Still, if there is Manglik Dosha in the horoscope then they have to resolve it and take the right steps as required. If marriage is done by ignoring these defects, then according to astrological belief, there is a possibility of discord between husband and wife after marriage. During ‘Kundali Matching’, it is kept in mind that there should be no Kundli Dosh in the natives. The defect-free natives and their compatibility are matched and married. On the contrary, if there is ‘Mangal Dosha’ in one’s horoscope, then measures are give to eliminate this defect. Along with this, a lot of caution is also take during the marriage of such people.

For more information about your kundli matching, you can consult an expert astrologer who will provide you with accurate predictions about your future married life.

Kundli Matchmaking| Online Kundli| Kundli Matching|
Kundli Matchmaking

Importance of Kundli Matchmaking before marriage

Gun Milan means that the quality of both the bride and the bridegroom match each other. Horoscope or Guna matching is very important before marriage. This is one of the factors that allow us to determine whether the horoscopes of a couple are compatible. Nakshatra or Nakshatra is one of the governing factors for marriage as planets and celestial bodies also have an impact on the lives of individuals. The matching of horoscopes ensures that the heavenly bodies complement each other which helps in creating a relationship that revolves around peace, happiness and harmony. The position of the planet Moon of the couple is take into consideration for Kundli or Guna matching.

It is necessary to understand Guna before Kundli matching.

There are many qualities that are take into consideration and here is an insight into those qualities that make or break a married relationship. These are the important qualities, these qualities are calculate as the birth details of the bride and groom, and it decides the fate of the marriage. Let us understand the properties given below-

  • Varan – The first attribute takes into account the caste of the bride and groom. The varna of the bridegroom should be equal to or higher than the varna of the bride. This Varna decides the mental compatibility between the couple.
  • Vashya (VASHYA) – This quality helps to find out who will be more controlling and dominating in two couples.
  • Tara – In this Guna, the star or birth constellation of the bride and groom is related to the personal health condition.
  • Gana – It helps in analyzing the personality, behaviour, attitude and outlook of both couples.
  • Bhukuta – This guna tells the economic status, and family status and gives the direction of career development of both the couples after marriage.
  • Nadi – The last guna educates us about the health of the family after marriage. This quality is related to the matters of progeny and progeny.
Kundli Matchmaking| Online kundli| Matchmaking by kundli|
Kundli Matchmaking

How to match the horoscope for marriage?

The first step before getting a marriage plan or fixing a fixed date is to opt for Kundli Jodh from an expert astrologer. People believe that couples’ marriages are fix in heaven and meet on earth. But this is possible only when we know the Kundli or Gunas of both bride and groom. Let us know what are things to be take care of before marriage for online Kundli Milan.

In Kundli matching, the birth charts of both couples are take into consideration and match by the astrologer.

Nowadays online kundli has become very popular as it not only saves time but also money.

Kundali matching is also know as Patrika matching and is based on ashtakoot method of matching. Love calculator is widely use to find out the percentage or compatibility, but detailed Guna matching or Kundli matching is a detail or astrological solution for Kundli milan.

If it seems this way, horoscope addition is necessary before marriage, so the horoscope of the bride and groom must be show to astrology and the properties and horoscopes should be matching.

Kundli Matchmaking| Kundli Matching|
Kundli Matchmaking

Why get Kundli Matchmaking done for marriage?

Married life and its happiness depend on the Kundli Matchmaking before marriage. This is very important for the married couple. We follow modern norms and techniques. But traditional practices like horoscope matching should not be ignore. A blissful couple makes a beautiful family. Horoscope matching can also be done online. Although it only takes half an hour of your time, the effect is lasting. If astrological measures are take before marriage, then problems and situations that come later can be avoid.

Astrological solutions for problems in married life

  • Plant a Tulsi plant in your house, because with the help of Tulsi, the relationship between husband and wife can be sweet.
  • The women of the house should regularly offer kumkum and turmeric along with water to the Tulsi plant.
  • Offer a silver or wooden flute to the Tulsi plant. This remedy should be done by a male member of the house.
  • Keep some supari or flute in front of Lord Krishna as only he can provide you successful and happy love life.
  • Chant “Om Namah Shivay”, as this mantra will help in increasing the affection between husband and wife.
  • Keep a lamp lit in the southwest corner of your house.
  • Chanting the name of Lord Vishnu will bring good and favourable results in married life.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

1. How many qualities should match for marriage?

Any match with more than 18 points is consider fair. The more points, the better the matches.

2. Is Mangal Dosh matching also necessary?

Yes, Mangal dosha matching is also important. It is recommend that the level of Mangal Dosha is almost equal in both horoscopes.

3. Can Nadi Dosh be ignore?

In the Ashtakoot matching system, the highest number given to Nadi is 8. If the total number of digits is more than 18, it is consider a decent match even if there is Nadi Dosha matching?

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