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Kundli Matchmaking Ancient Art and its Significance

Kundli Matchmaking is an Indian (Vedic) astrological chart. It plots the positions of the 9 planets across a series of houses (representing the solar system) in a graphical representation. The placement of the planets is based on the exact time of birth.

It is widely believed and accepted in Indian culture that one can identify a person’s characteristics and traits and predict their destiny from these astrological charts. For this reason, kundli charts are well used to determine whether a couple will be suitable for marriage – a process referred to as “kundli Matchmaking”. Before the marriage proposal, kundli matching is done to see if the marriage will be suitable.

Meaning of kundli charts and consequence of being Manglik

A number of factors such as wealth, education, success and even children can be identified from the tables. However, it can also be used to detect negative properties.

The most famous sign is Manglik Dosha. This condition occurs due to the fall of the planet Mars in either the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house in the Kundli chart. Since Manglik people are based on Mars, the planet of fire and heat, they can naturally cause a lot of tension, anger, arguments and violence. A marriage between Manglik and non-Manglik is said to be destined for hard times and eventually the possible death of the husband.

A well-known example of matching and believing in kundli is the marriage of Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan. It was decide that Aishwarya was Manglik and due to this, their kundli charts did not match well. However, to satisfy their love and the jyotish (astrologers), a wedding ceremony was held between Aishwarya and the tree. The tree was say to consume Aishwarya’s Manglik fire, a sacrifice if you will.

kundli Matchmaking| Kundli Matching| Kundli Matching|
kundli Matchmaking

Can a Manglik marry a non-Manglik?

Yes of course! This can be achieved by having the manglik wear, for example, a coral that absorbs the manglik’s aggression. Indian rituals and ceremonies can be performed to bless the couple and reduce the effects of Manglik dosha (eg Aishwarya & Abhishek). And in other cases, other kundli charts can neutralize the effects of manglik so it works OK.

kundli Matchmaking corresponding interpretation.

ATTENTION: the kundli chart should be accurate and consistent from all sources, if the exact time and place of birth are identify, small variations can make a big difference to what the kundli says! For the curious, a number of Kundli chart services are now offer online.

The challenge in Kundli matching is, of course, interpretation – reading the chart to make predictions about the person and their marriage compatibility with others. In general, jyoshi (vedic astrologers) can be use to give an accurate interpretation, although it is sometimes very problematic that different ones can tell you completely different things! Online matrimonial sites now provide free kundli charts and even do automated kundli matching and matching!

These qualities and advancements only highlight the strong belief and trust placed in kundli and Vedic astrology in Indian culture!

Astroeshop where you can discover the changing face of Indian matrimony, matrimony and weddings. From its roots in arranged marriages to contemporary interpretation through online matchmaking and matrimonial services.

Astrology and kundli Matchmaking

Astrology is the ancient art of prediction. Prediction about the course of your life and the situations that could affect your actions as well as your behaviour is determine with the help of astrology. Astrology has its deepest connection with the Vedic age because the sages and philosophers of that time observe certain patterns in the sky that repeat themselves over a period of time. This led them to research more about it and therefore led to the birth of astrology.

Astrology is the ancient art or science of observing cosmic objects. Their movements in order to predict their influence on human life. It studies astral entities and how they affect one’s life. Astrology has various parameters base on which planetary movement is calculate. Many things like horoscope, Kaal Sarp Yog, auspicious timing, wedding dates etc. are determine accordingly.

Birth of Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology or Hindu astrology is an ancient method of connecting your life with cosmic objects and determining your course of life depending on the position of the Sun, Moon, stars and some planets. Everything in the universe has some energy, whether positive or negative. When this energy flows in your life, you experience specific changes. Such as gaining wealth, becoming confident and fearless, or negative changes. Such as an inability to concentrate or panic attacks.

All these changes are associate with planetary movements. Therefore it predict in your kundli at the time of your birth. All these data are collect through mathematical calculations and practices done in ancient times. When Vedic astrology was develop by the sages and explorers of that time.

kundli Matchmaking| Kundli Matching|
kundli Matchmaking

Basic parameters of Vedic astrology in kundli Matchmaking

Over time, various methods have been develop to predict the movements of planets and draw astrological maps of a person’s life. Dealing with all the parameters can be confusing. Which is why at Astroeshop you can get a complete astrological report on our website for free. Just send your date of birth, time of birth and full name to the team and we will give you your full astrological report right then and there.

Kaal Sarp Yog:

This prediction is base on your past and present life karma. Base on that this yoga affects your life wrongly. If you have harm an animal or a snake in your present or past life. Kaal Sarp Yog will enter your Kundli and affect your life.
Rashifal: One of the basic astrological aspects is rashifal calculation. Your zodiac sign tells a lot about you; to know the direction your day is going. You can read your rashifal and make decisions accordingly.

Shubh Muhurat

Auspicious timings according to astrologers are essential to observe. When it comes to sacred events, marital activities or when starting a new task. In astrology, you can get the right timing for your particular circumstance. And you can get positive results in this task.

What meaning of astrology in kundli Matchmaking?

  • Astrology is beneficial to know the position of the elements that rule your life, with the help of which you can decide your actions and plan your day according to certain essential aspects.
  • Astrology helps you predict auspicious dates and times for events like marriage, job interviews, house clearance, etc.
  • With the help of astrology, you can access your Kundli Matchmaking. Which predicts all doshas, ​​good and bad times in your life.
  • Astrology is a vast subject and all pujas, havan and activities like marriage and graha Pravesh are incomplete without Vedic mantras chant by priests and astrologers.
  • Astrology also connects you with your zodiac signs. All the twelve zodiac signs determine your characteristics and therefore you can know about all of them through your horoscope. You can know your zodiac sign using the zodiac sign calculator from Astroeshop.
  • Astrology has always play a vital role in guiding our lives. Everything we do, be it doing Diwali Puja in our house or having ‘Dahi Chini’ before starting a new task, is related to astrology.

Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

Is astrology accurate in kundli Matchmaking ?

The strength and influence of planetary forces are precise and hence astrology is use to determine them. Astrology gives you accurate life predictions and helps you make better decisions.

Where can you talk to astrologers?

If you want to talk to astrologers and know more about your life, you can connect with them from Astroeshop or website. Here you will find the best astrologers who are ready to provide you with solutions to all your problems.

What is Astrology by Date of Birth?

According to your date of birth, you were born with a certain sign. In addition, your date of birth also tells your rising sign or ascendant which determines the success factor in your life. Your date of birth is the gateway to all aspects and parameters of astrology and is therefore crucial in deciding the course of your life.

Can astrology predict marriage?

Depending on the situation and position of certain houses in your Kundli, astrology can help you predict your married life, relationships and wedding date.

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