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Kundli Match Making Is Very Important for a Marriage

Kundli Match Making, the most important aspect that drives a healthy and happy relationship in any marriage is the “bond” between the two people. A stronger bond cannot function without corresponding compatibility. Kundali Matching is a Vedic analysis of couple compatibility. From insecurities to finding out the couple’s equation, Kundli matching ensures that married life is happy, healthy and blissful.

What is Kundli Match Making?

The life we ​​live today is very different from the life our ancestors lived. Gender roles have evolved and people are more liberal and rational. At the same time, we lose the virtues of patience and perseverance because of such fast-paced lives. This is why it is essential to take precautions and learn about the possible outcomes if they are available. Kundali Matching gives you an idea of ​​the astrological prediction of how happy, peaceful and prosperous the married life of the couple will be.

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Kundli Match Making

How Does Kundli Match Making Work?

Kundli Match Making, also known as Guna Milan, is the most critical part of every Hindu marriage. To ensure a happy and long married life, Hindu astrology considers it essential to perform Janam Kundli Milan before marriage. Traditional kundli matching was done by the family priest or astrologer. However, Online Kundali Matching is now a simple and quick tool to determine the marital compatibility of a couple.

There are mainly two ways to match the horoscope of a boy and a girl:

  • Kundali matching by name
  • Matchmaking by Kundali based on the date of birth

Kundali Match Making by Name is a couple of name compatibility checkers. This is also know as the Guna Milan name as it involves a marriage compatibility analysis in which the Gunas of the bride and groom are check according to their names.

Date of Birth Kundli Matching, also known as Janam Patrika Matching, is based on the ancient method of Ashtakoota, which evaluates the compatibility of two people based on their birth data. Using the love compatibility calculator allows you to determine your love compatibility score, which further helps in determining their emotional, mental and physical compatibility.

Significance of kundli Match Making in love marriages?

Kundli Match Making is consider a very important ritual use in a Hindu family to verify the compatibility between two people. Astrology considers Kundli matching as a very important ritual to follow to ensure a happy and successful married life.

Kundli compatibility predictions are consider very accurate as they check the compatibility between two people in all factors of their life. Kundli is basically a birth chart which has different positions of planets during the time of birth.

Astrologers believed that Kundli can predict one’s personality to a great extent and personality can also help a lot in checking compatibility.

There are 36 guns or points in Kundli. The guns of two people are match during the Kundli match. Astrologers believed that at least 18 guns should correspond to a successful and happy marriage. Fewer matching guns can make married life very difficult. A couple in which all 36 gunas match is consider perfect life partners for each other.

Kundli Match Making| Kundli Online| Kundli Matching|
Kundli Match Making

Kundli is check not only for compatibility tests but also to check whether a person has any kind of dosh or flaw in his Kundli or not. There are many different types of doshas found among Kundli like Mangal Dosh, Kal Sarp dosh, Nadi dosh, Shani Dosh etc. All these dosh have different effects on a person’s married life.

This dosh can also make married life full of many challenges and problems. So Kundli check is done to ensure that there is no dosh in anyone.

Is kundli Match Making necessary for love marriages?

People today don’t care much about Kundli getting marry in love marriages. Kundli matching use to be done in matchmaking to find the best match for everyone. But in the case of love marriages, there are rare cases where people do Kundli matching.

Families need not check Kundli for compatibility tests but can check it for dosh purposes. If the bride or groom has any kind of dosh. Then they have to do some remedies to cancel the effects of dosh from their married life.

But families don’t really check it for compatibility. When two people are in love, a simple Kundli match cannot find out whether they are compatible or not. So it is not necessary to compare Kundli to check compatibility.

It is quite difficult and even unfair to annul a marriage. Just because the Kundli did not match, even if two people love each other. Love and support will ultimately make a relationship successful.

Kundli matching can be acceptable in matchmaking to find perfect matches. But in the case of love marriages, they found the perfect ones for themselves. So kundli can be check for dosh but kundli matching is not necessary for love marriage.

Does Kundli matching give correct results?

Nowadays people are really interested in understanding rituals rather than blindly following them. This makes them really understand what is right and what is wrong.

Kundli matching is certainly a very powerful ritual and can be accurate. But the main point is that Kundli matching cannot ensure a happy married life. He can definitely check compatibility but if someone’s Kundli matched it doesn’t mean he will live a happy married life.

There are many cases where even couples whose 36 out of 36 gunas match are seem to suffer from problems in their married life. And there are also cases that can show that the couple with the least number of matching guns leads a very happy married life.

The bottom line is don’t rely on Kundli completely. If you are someone who believes in astrology then definitely believe in the concept of Kundli matching but don’t rely on it fully.

Married life requires a lot of effort and the future cannot be so easily predict with the help of a birth chart. The truth is that no one can predict the future. We can predict various possibilities, but not the exact future. Hence it is advise that following and blindly relying on anything is not right. If you believe in something, then understand the flip side of it.

Kundli Matching

Why is Kundli Match Making?


The key purpose of Kundli matching is to evaluate the level of compatibility between couples based on a total of 36 attributes, called Gunas in astrology. Each Guna represents a different and critical aspect of life and is assign a different value against which the couple’s scores are compare. According to Vedic astrology, the higher the score, the smoother the couple’s life.


When two people marry, the planetary movements in their own horoscopes affect not only their lives but also the lives of their spouses. ‘Bhakoot’, the seventh of the eight guns, represents this collective impact. Kundli Match Making allows us to check important factors like financial stability and career progression and overall comfort indicators.

Professional advice

In Vedic Astrology, our World’s Famous Astrologer, Acharya Indu Prakash Ji, is an expert in the field with more than 45 years of extensive work in the field of Vedic Astrology and Vastu shastra. He has extensive experience in counselling and helping couples deal with difficult marital issues and guiding them towards a blissful married life.


According to Vedic astrology, the fate of a star is determine by the position of the stars in the sky at the time of its birth. When the stars are not align properly, they cause doshas like Sarpa dosha, Mangal dosha, Shani dosha etc. These doshas can pose problems after marriage which Kundali Matching can help to detect.

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