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Know why silver is considered the most sacred metal?

Know why silver is considered the most sacred metal?

Know why silver is considered the most sacred metal?

Silver has the status of the most sacred and pure metal. In many texts of Ras Shastra, silver is considered to be a purer metal than gold. This is the reason that worship utensils, naivedya pots etc. are also made of silver. Many uses of silver have also been mentioned in the texts of Ayurveda, through which the body and mind can be kept healthy. It has even been said about silver that drinking water regularly in this metal vessel not only keeps the body healthy, but also gives mental health. Silver enhances the lifespan by strengthening our immune system. Silver is also the favorite metal of Goddess Lakshmi and she has equal rights on gold too. The worship of Rajat Lakshmi, a form of Maa Lakshmi, is also associated with silver.

In Hindu worship and astrology, silver is considered a sacred and pure metal. Silver is related to Moon and Venus. Keeping silver in the house is auspicious. It enhances luck. That is why women wear anklets and beechia silver. Let us know how you can make your life happy and prosperous through silver.

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Moon has a special right over silver Moon has a special right. Therefore, the person who gets more angry, make a pendant of the moon in a silver chain and wear it around the neck. Silver provides mental strength. By wearing it the mind becomes concentrated and calm. It is very auspicious to have silver utensils in the house. It is auspicious to have silver lamp, achmani, lota, bell in them. It brings wealth and prosperity. Naivedya should also be applied to the Lord in a silver vessel. If possible, there must be a silver idol of Lakshmi-Ganesh in the house. This maintains economic prosperity. Always keeping a square piece of silver in the purse never remains empty in the pocket. If the moon is giving pain in the horoscope, then some silver jewelery should be worn. If there is a problem of stammering, stuttering or the voice is not clear, then wearing silver around the neck clears the throat and voice. Venus is also strengthened by wearing silver.

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Why is silver the purest Scientific research says that silver is a metal that is 100% disinfected. No bacteria can grow in it. Therefore the water kept in it becomes pure. The purity of silver can be gauged from the fact that apart from surgical instruments, silver alloys are also used inside the human body for placing plates in bones etc. Being the metal of Moon, it eliminates anger, passion and fury.

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