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Know what is the connection between writing and planets?

Know what is the connection between writing and planets?

Know what is the connection between writing and planets?

In astrology, nine planets and twelve houses are unanimously recognized. These nine planets are capable of doing universal analysis of a person. Helps in making prior assessments about the events that will happen in the past, present and future. These planets are also related to the person’s handwriting, writing style and signature. There are many ways to strengthen the planets, but you can also make the planets favorable by making a slight modification in your sign.

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Moon is the factor of mind Planet Sun- Sun is related to state, position, prestige, government job, respect and fame etc. If a person’s Sun is weak, then he has to struggle a lot in his life, yet he craves for success. You have to make some changes in your sign to strengthen the Sun. Make the signature in straight and clear letters and write them straight without trying to rotate the first and last letter. The number of Sun is 1, so A, D, H, M, T, by writing these letters straight and clearly, your Sun will become strong and give auspicious results. Moon planet- Moon is the factor of mind and when the mind starts trying to control the heart and mind according to its own accord, then man gets caught in the quagmire of problems. Such a situation comes only when the moon planet of a person becomes afflicted and starts giving inauspicious results. To make the moon strong, you have to make all the letters round and beautiful while giving a decorative look to your sign and you have to make a habit of placing a dot at the end of the signature. The moon represents the number 2, so do not forget to put a dot under the letters related to number 2 like B, D, O, X making these letters big and round. By taking such a remedy, you will soon start getting the auspicious results of the moon.

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The planet Mercury is strong and gives good results. Mars – Mars is considered a factor of might, brother, enthusiasm, administration, property and administration etc. To remove the inauspiciousness of Mars, you have to make a habit of drawing the whole line under your sign and make the first letter big. C, E, G, L, S, U, do not do any kind of truncation in these letters and try to make them in a round shape with a very neat and simple look. By doing this type of correction in your handwriting, you will get amazing results in a few days. If the planet representing mathematics, writing, reasoning, knowledge etc. starts giving inauspicious results, then there is no need to worry, but some changes will have to be made in your writing and signature. Therefore, when you sign, do it in a clear and circular dot form and make a circle at the end and make a plus sign adjacent to it. Make these letters C, G, B in a circular shape and put a small dot under them. By doing this, your Mercury planet will become strong and give good results.

The planet Jupiter – The planet of intelligence, discretion, knowledge, philosophies and ambition, when Jupiter is good, makes him enjoy many kinds of pleasures and makes him a person of prestige in the society. But when a victim starts giving inauspicious results, he also takes away a lot. If you want to strengthen the Jupiter, then for this some improvement has to be done in your sign. When signing, make the first letter quite large and make it a habit to move the signature from top to bottom. Letters related to Jupiter like N and E, the letter has to be made very big and straight. By doing this, your luck side will become strong and give good results and you will be able to fly to great heights.

Venus, a symbol of material objects and beauty – To make Venus powerful, a symbol of all the material objects and beauty of the world, draw a line of your sign beautiful, artistic and waving down. The top part of the last letter of the signature should be short and the bottom part should be long. Venus represents the number 06, so try to make the letters related to Venus such as U, L and V clear and beautiful. By doing this, you will see that within a few days the planet Venus will start giving you good results. Saturn – When Saturn is afflicted, all the work of the person is done very slowly and in spite of making a lot of efforts to be successful, results are found similar to “cumin in the mouth of the otter”. To make the planet Saturn strong, almost all the letters of the signature have to be made big and two straight lines will have to be drawn under the signature. A double line has to be made above the last letter of the signature. Twisting and twisting of letters and writing far and wide and unclear should be avoided. Saturn represents the number 8. The letters related to the number 08, J, K and F should be made bigger in the upper line and by thickening the upper line of the letter J, gradually the planet Saturn becomes strong and gives auspicious results, which will help in the progress of your life. Will get caught. Rahu and Ketu– When these planets become inauspicious, the dominion of darkness prevails in life. Due to mental stress, a person starts working indiscriminately. Due to which the clouds of trouble begin to cast upon his life. When Ketu is inauspicious, the person shortens the letters. To make Rahu and Ketu strong, you should do your signature in a rhythmic manner and do not make too small letters. Frequent truncation in handwriting has to be avoided. Do not make the first letter of the signature too curved. Avoid enclosing the signature by making a circle.

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