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Know how to cure deadly diseases like cancer through astrology.

Know how to cure deadly diseases like cancer through astrology

Know how to cure deadly diseases like cancer through astrology

In ancient Indian monolithic astrology philosophy, astrology always keeps every happiness and sorrow of a person inside itself and according to its planets and Mahadasha or Antardasha, it is able to influence the person and give auspicious and inauspicious results and still provides the person. One wants to attain every material happiness going on in the mind and wants to get rid of all the troubles in his life.


The first among them is a healthy body

Nirogi means free from all kinds of diseases. Being healthy is considered the first happiness of a person. It is said in the scriptures that “the first happiness is a healthy body” – yes it is true that a healthy body is the first happiness and all other happiness depends on the healthy body. In the modern times of running race, being completely free from disease is like a dream for most of the people. Human beings suffer from two types of diseases. The first reason – curable diseases which are cured with the right treatment, diet and behavior and the second reason – incurable diseases which do not leave the person’s pursuit even after many treatments. Let’s talk about cancer, according to astrology, the incurable disease that scares humans.

12 Cancer Risk Factors and Causes

First of all know about cancer? Cancer is a deadly disease which damages the cells of the person and takes place of the gland in the body and gradually the tridosha Vata-pitta-kapha starts appearing in the body, due to which cancer disease manifests its place in the body like death. Is. Astrology plays an important role in giving information about such major diseases. Like ultrasound, the birth chart of a person created by astrology is capable of giving subtle information both outside and inside the body. For the prevention of physical, mental and all other diseases, after getting information about the planets sitting in the horoscope, taking measures can prove beneficial. The thing to be kept in mind here is that measures should be taken in time. When the disease is severe, the remedies are not able to give their full results.

cancer treatment

In Vedic astrology, Rahu is considered the cause of cancer, but other planets also give this disease. The diagnosis of cancer can be obtained from the yoga made in the horoscope and the sight of planets and also from high-low and auspicious and inauspicious conditions. Rahu is considered a poison in astrology. If the lord of the sixth house is sitting in the ascendant, eighth or tenth house and has full vision of Rahu, then there is a possibility of a disease like cancer in the person’s body. Along with this, if Saturn and Mars are also afflicted in the horoscope, then fatal diseases like cancer arise and if there is a conjunction of Saturn-Mars or Saturn-Rahu, Saturn-Ketu in the 12th house of the horoscope, then the person suffers from cancer. And there are other such yogas in the horoscope which make a person prone to diseases like cancer.

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