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The 9 planets are considered mainly, and these 9 planets are divided into 12 zodiac signs. Surya and Chandra owned one zodiac sign, the other planets owned two zodiac signs each. According to the Vinshottari calculation, the total age of a man in astrology is considered to be 120 years, and in these 120 years, the Mahadasha of all the planets in a man’s life is completed.

The word Mahadasha means that particular time in which a planet is in its dominant state gives auspicious and inauspicious results. According to its position in the horoscope, the time of the Mahadasha of the planets is as follows.
Sun – 6 years,
Moon – 10 years,
Mangal – 7 years,
Rahu – 18 years old
Guru – 16 years,
Saturn – 19 years,
Budh- 17 years,
Ketu – 7 years,
Venus – 20 years.
In these years, other planets are also given time to visit other planets in the Mahadasha of the main planets, which are called Antardasha. In this time, with the main planets, Antardasha Swami also experiences the effects. In the planet which will have Mahadasha, it will enter first its planets, then other planets will travel in the sequence given above. The timing of planetary intersection can be extracted from the ephemeris, For a more precise calculation, the opposite state of the same planets is also formed in the inner region, which runs in the same order. This allows estimation of the exact timing of good and bad events.

Generally, the position of planets in 6, 8,12 places is not good. Similarly, the condition of the master of these expressions also hurts.

In the Mahadasha of a planet, it is inauspicious for the unfavorable planet, sin planet, and low-lying planet. The auspicious planets give good fruit to inauspicious planets.
The condition of those planets, who have gone in the 1st, 4th, 5th, 7th, 9th house gives good results. The condition of the self-conscious, the original Trikoni or the planet of higher is auspicious, the condition of the lowly, sin-dominant or astral planet destroys the fruit. Planets like Saturn, Rahu, etc. give more good results in the condition of friendly planets than their condition.

Each planet maintains its special influence on the native for a certain period, according to his virtue, according to which the native gets the auspicious results. This period of the planet has been given a special place in astrology by giving the name of the planet’s condition to our maharishis. In the resultant astrology, it is also called the Dasha method. There are 42 types of conditions and their results described in Indian astrology, but the most prevalent is the demobilization condition. After that, there is a Yogini Dasha. Nowadays, Jamini Char Dasha is also seen by some astrologers.


The Falakthanan is 100 percent correct from the collapse condition. Maharishi and astrologers believe that according to the condition of exorcism. They said statements are correct. This condition is also most discussed in ancient texts. Dasha is based on Chandraspashta. At the time of birth, in the constellation of which the moon is clear, the state of the lord of the same constellation is at the time of the birth of the person. The condition remains in proportion to the value of the constellation remaining. The complete state of any planet is called Mahadasha. The ensuing division of the Mahadasha is called Antaadasha This division is proportional to the duration of all the planets. The ratio of the period of Mahadasha is in the same proportion as a planet, For example, the position of Venus is 20 years while the total duration of Mahadasha of all planets is 120 years. Thus Venus attained 20 years in 120 years. By this ratio, the transit of Venus in 20 years receives 3 years 4 months 0 days, which is the period of transit of Venus in Mahadasha of Venus. Similarly, in Venus Mahadasha, the sun will have 1 year, the moon will have 1 year 8 months 0 days.

Vinshotari Dasha has been praised in almost all astrological scriptures. Nevertheless, there are some shortcomings to this special condition. Such as: Generally, the following defects or deficiencies are revealed in the special condition.
• Vishantari Dasha based on Chandra Explicit Dasha.
• Determination of the paid, and bhagya condition of Vinasotari Dasha is derived from Chandra Explicit. There is a possibility of a big difference if there is any mistake or error. While it is enough to know about the Lagna or lunar zodiac, and the position of other planets to make peace with transits, Even if there is a difference of few minutes in the birth time, there is no difference in condition due to the difference in the condition. In contrast, the transiting planets are lunar high-speed planets. He changes the zodiac for about a quarter to two days. Therefore, the command made using transposition remains true.
• based on which order, and year number of particular conditions are taken. No classical proof of this is available.
• Many astrological scriptures describe different situations. Vinshotari Dasha is also one of them. The order of the planets is Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Guru, Venus, Saturn. Whereas the Vishontari Mahadasha sequence Ketu, Venus, Sun.
• There are many dasha padavatis, Which of these conditions will be appropriate or not.
A normal person cannot read their dashas and movement of planets, which affects our lives. To know about this, we need to take the help of a good astrologer. There are so many things, when we talk about this topic, astrology is an ocean. We can’t dye to measure the depth.

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