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Kajari Teej 2023: know Auspicious Time and Fast

Kajari Teej 2023, also known as Kajali Teej, is widely celebrated across India. This Hindu festival is celebrated in the lunar month of Bhadrapada on the 3rd day of the dark fortnight (Krishna Paksha). According to the Gregorian calendar, Kajari Teej usually falls in August in July. It is basically a holiday celebrated mainly by Hindu women. The main areas where the festival holds great importance are Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

When is Kajari Teej 2023

According to Hindu Panchang 2023, Kajari Teej will be celebrated on Tritiya (the third day) of Krishna Paksha during Bhadrapada (Hindu month).

What is the meaning of Kajari Teej

Kajari festival is also known as Satudi Teej and Bundi Teej in some specific regions. While Hariyali Teej 2023 is known as Choti Teej, this is known as Badi Teej. However, this holiday also has a similar meaning for married women. According to Hindu belief, fasting on Kajari Teej is believed to bless women with immense bliss and happiness in their married life.

Kajari Teej 2023| Kajali Teej 2023| Teej 2023|
Teej 2023

What are the rituals for Teej

The eve of Kajari Teej is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. Although in different regions people celebrate the festival by adding their own touch, the basic rituals are common which include:

  • For the longevity and happiness of husbands, married women observe Kajari Teej fast. Unmarried girls also observe this fast to be blessed with a good husband. Women break their fast by worshipping the moon and some worship the Neem tree to break their fast.
  • On this day, Sattu is prepared with rice, gram, wheat and barley.
  • It is important to worship cows on Kajari Teej. It is essential to feed the holy cows first with small chapatis consisting of wheat flour with a little ghee and jaggery. After this ritual, devotees can eat food.
  • Hindu women enjoy the festival by singing and dancing to folk songs and decorating the house with beautiful swings
  • Another essential aspect of this day is the songs. Accompanied by blissful drumbeats, individuals from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh sing various Kajari Teej songs.

What is Teej 2023 Puja Vidhi

Goddess Neemdi or popularly Neemdi Maa is associated with the sacred festival of Kajari Teej. Devotees devoutly worship Goddess Neemdi on this day. There is also a ritual that is performed before the puja begins, which involves creating a pond-like structure using some kind of wall. Jaggery and pure ghee are used to decorate the outer edges of the structure.

Kajari Teej 2023| Kajali Teej 2023| Teej 2023|
Puja Vdhi: Kajari Teej 2023

A Neem sprig is planted nearby. Devotees pour water and raw milk and light a lamp near the structure. Puja thali is decorated with a variety of things like whole rice, sacred thread, vermilion, sattu, fruits, cucumber and lemon. Raw milk is stored in the vessel and during the evening the devotees worship Goddess Neemdi as per the below rituals:

  • Rice, vermilion (sindoor) and a sprinkling of water are offered to the goddess
  • With the help of henna and vermilion, 13 dots are made using the ring finger, while 13 dots are made with Kohl using the ring finger
  • The dress, kohl and henna are then offered after offering the sacred thread to the goddess
  • The wall is then decorated with a sacred thread using dots marked on it.
  • Besides this, fruits are offered to the goddess. On Puja Kalash, devotees tie a sacred thread around the Kalash (sacred vessel) and place a Tilak with vermilion on it.
  • In the light of a diya (clay lamp) placed next to the pond, women have to look at a nose pin, neem sprig, cucumber and lemon in the light of the lamp (diya). An offering is then made to Arghya Moon.

What are the rituals for offering Arghya to the Moon

Once the devotees worship Goddess Neemdi, an offering is made to the Arghya Moon according to

  • After putting vermilion and water and tying the sacred thread, Moon is offered whole rice with some food offerings.
  • Arghya is offered to the Moon by holding grains of wheat and a silver ring in her hand.
Kajari Teej 2023| Kajali Teez 2023| Teej 2023|

What are the rituals of Kajari Teej 2023 Vrat

  • Women observing the strict Kajari Teej Fast should get up early in the morning before sunrise and eat something. After that, they refrain from consuming food and drinking water.
  • After that, the married women all get dressed in the evening and worship the Neem tree and the Moon before ending their fast.
  • After a woman would start observing this fast, she would have to continue it for 16 long years.
  • Kajari Teej is a celebration that is highly anticipated by all Hindu women. It is a vibrant festival for them and has significance as it is associated with their marital happiness and the long life of their husband.

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