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Jamuniya Stone Gives Maximum Benefits for Which Zodiac Sign

Jamuniya Stone or Amethyst is a semi-precious stone from the Quartz mineral family sharing a beautiful purple colour. This gemstone is know to show tremendous benefits along with adding stars to your personality when worn in any form of jewellery. The Amethyst gemstone has been consider an effective substitute for Blue Sapphire as it shares some of its properties with the fastest acting Blue Sapphire gemstone.

Sometimes some people have to face very bad situations in their life. For example, a spoiled job, repeated losses, disappointments and difficulty accumulating money. Precious stones can be useful in dealing with such situations. In astrology and gemology, many such gems have been say to have the power to change a person’s life. One of these gems is the Jamuniya Ratna. Actually, the Jamunia gem is the Uparatna gem of sapphire. The people of Bhopal tell us the benefits of wearing this gemstone and when it should be worn.

Jamuniya Stone| Stone| Gemstone|
Jamuniya Stone

Amethyst gemstone is call by names like Jamunia and Kathela and with Saturn (Shani) as its ruling planet, the wearer can feel calm and peaceful. Amethyst got its name from two Greek words “A” meaning “not” and “Methustos” meaning “drunk”.

It is interesting to know that natural amethyst was consider a protector during ancient and Roman times and people actually wore Jamunia stone to keep them safe and healthy. This katela stone falls under healing gemstones and can be wear by people seeking any kind of healing. Read on to discover the many other benefits of wearing amethyst.


Vedic astrology believes that amethyst helps to pacify the malefic effects of Lord Shani, one of the most feared lords among Hindu deities. It signifies Saturn and is say to offer numerous benefits to its wearer. Those involve in knowledge-drive fields such as scientists, mathematicians, doctors and researchers are believe to find amethyst very beneficial. This gemstone offers benefits in terms of luxury and helps in solving money and love problems.

Jamuniya Stone or Amethyst is a February stone, most suitable for people sharing the zodiac sign of Pisces. Rapid changes can be observe while wearing this astrological replacement Neelam stone. The wearer may see sudden financial growth and may have meaningful romantic relationships.

Jamunia Stone

Amethyst gemstone is believe to influence the crown chakra associate with spirituality and the third eye chakra associated with mind and intuition. By wearing amethyst, the benefits of both these chakras can be achieve. A person can enhance their spirituality, intuitive power and have a clear and deep thought process.

Amethyst gemstone has many health benefits when worn. It is believe that the wearer is cured of problems such as headaches, depression, sadness, despair and insomnia. Natural amethyst provides its wearer with healing and restful sleep.

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Jamuniya Stone

Also called a lover’s gem, Jamuniya signifies true love and faithfulness and can be present as a wedding anniversary gift for 4th or 6th year of marriage to maintain healthy relationships.

Amethyst gives a person a sense of self-confidence and helps to get rid of all sorts of inferiority complexes. So what are you waiting for? If amethyst is a gemstone for you, buy it first on Astroeshop and take advantage of other offers on your purchase.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of astroeshop or want to find out if Amethyst is the right stone for you, you can consult our esteeme astrologers and go for a telephone consultation. They will guide you and answer all your questions about the side effects of Jamuniya stone, the dream benefits of amethyst, the health benefits of amethyst, who can wear amethyst stone and who should not wear amethyst stone etc.

Benefits of Jamuniya Gemstone?

As with sapphire gemstones, the effect of Jamuniya gemstones is also visible very quickly. This gemstone gives its wearer freedom from money-related problems. Eliminates problems in work and business. It provides relief from business losses. It brings happiness in married life by removing negative energy. Along with this, it provides relief from health problems due to Shani Dosha.

Jamuniya Stone| Stone|
Jamunia Stone

Who can wear Jamuniya Stone?

People suffering from Shani Dosha and Taurus, Gemini, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius can wear Jamuniya Ratna but it is very important to consult a learned astrologer before wearing Jamuniya Ratna.

How to wear Jamuniya Stone?

Jamuniya Ratna is the Uparatna of sapphire gemstone so Saturday is consider the best day to wear it. Worship Shani Dev after your morning bath and after thoroughly cleaning the Jamunia Ratna ring with Ganga water put it on the middle finger of your right hand.

Jamuniya Stone| Astroeshop gemstone|
Jamuniya Stone

Why Should You Choose Astroeshop?

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