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Is Your Horoscope, Meant To Be An Actor.

Is it lucky to be an actor? The Horoscope provides such indications

Nowadays, the success stories of the Olympic athletes and their stories are discussed all over
the world. Sports tendencies and the reason for their success, as well as their hard work, there
are also special positions with the planetary yogas in the horoscope.

Ascendant and Ascendant The first state of success in any field of life is the presence of
Ascendant and Ascendant in a solid place on the horoscope. Both of these reflect the better
health of a person. That is why it is necessary for a good athlete to have an Ascendant and an
Ascendant in the horoscope, to be in danger of beautiful planets and to be strong in other ways.
The third house namely Strength In order to be a good player, the third house becomes very
important, called the spirit of power, courage etc. The player needs to be brave. In the field of
play, winning an opponent can only be achieved with his courage. Therefore, the third house
and its master must also be in a strong and stable position in the horoscope.

The Fifth House namely Wisdom The Fifth House is a place of learning and espionage, and
from the Bhaveta Bhavam principle, it is the third of the third, representing sporting talent and
human performance. Thus, the positive effect on the fifth house, the good and strong position of
the fifth king on the horoscope, its relationship with other houses and related planets, etc.,
produces a lot of natural sports talent and skill in sports-related matters for man. House Six i.e.
Competition House Six is a place for opponents, competition and struggle. In any form of
competition, its role is crucial to winning the conflict by dominating the opposing side. That is
why a good position in the horoscope of the sixth house and its master is essential to the
success of the player. The ninth, tenth and eleventh horoscope house is known as Bhagya
Bhava. With this in mind, the concept of self-indulgence and all forms of success are also

The tenth house is a place of karma and fame, while the eleventh house is a place
of all kinds of success and achievement. Therefore, in the horoscope of these houses and
homeowners, being empowered, the motive behind the game and the relationship with the
Bhave and the planets gives success, fame, achievement and benefits through games. The
planet Mars gives strength, power, heroism, heroism and rage to man. It is absolutely necessary
to have these qualities in a player. Mars is also an eternal element of energy. For these reasons,
Mars is considered to be the most important galaxy planet of the game. Therefore, in order to be
a good player, a strong position of Mars in the horoscope is required. Bali Mars ’relationship with
the fifth, sixth, ninth, tenth or ascending house offers the highlight of sporting talent.
One of the world’s greatest cricketers, Sachin Tendulkar was born on April 24, 1973, at 2.25pm
in Mumbai. His horoscope belongs to Leo Ascendant, the Ascendant Sun is elevated to the
ninth house and the tenth king Venus also sits together. Venus is also the third house and
includes the third house and the Sun. Saturn, king of the sixth and seventh houses, is powerful
and sits in the tenth house. Mars, on the other hand, the karak of Navamesh and power, sits
high on the sixth floor and along with Jupiter is paralyzed, but the paralysis creates Raja Yoga.

Apart from this, the crippled Mercury also creates a weak Raja Yoga. So, in his horoscope, the
ascendant’s house, third, fifth, sixth, ninth, tenth and their king are in a solid state, which is proof
that he is a great player.

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