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In Peacock feather all the Gods and 9 planets resides.

In Peacock feather all the Gods and 9 planets resides.

All the gods and 9 planets reside in the peacock feather

Peacock feathers have a very sacred place in Hinduism. It is believe that all the nine planets reside in the peacock feather and also all the gods and goddesses reside in the peacock feather.

There is a story related to this that long ago there use to be an Asura name Sandhya. Due to Guru Shankaracharya, Sandhya had become an enemy of the gods.

That Asura, after doing severe penance, pleased Brahma and Shiva and obtained many powers in the boon. Asura Sandhya again used his powers to take control of heaven as well.

Then the deities has made a plan and according to that plan, all the deities and all the nine planets were enshrined in the feathers of a peacock. Then that peacock became very powerful and then that peacock killed the demon. For this reason the peacock was worship.

By installing peacock feathers in the house methodically, the Vaastu defects of the house are eliminate. With this, the defects of all the nine planets of the horoscope also end. And if the door of the house is not compatible with Vaastu, then install three peacock feathers on the door.

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Benefits of peacock feathers

By rotating the broom made of peacock feathers on the head straight and from the opposite side, it removes negative energy and brings positive energy closer. In rural areas it is also called Jhaad Phoonk. But because of its magnetic property, it removes one’s negative energy.

If someone has ups and downs in married life, then put seven peacock feathers on the north wall of the bedroom. Otherwise, such a place can also be place in the bedroom where the light of a white bulb falls on the wing.

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Peacock feather is also capable of removing Kalsarp Dosha. On Monday, put seven peacock feathers in the shell of your pillow, on which you sleep every day.

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