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The only failure is getting, then what is the astrology solution

If there is life, there are ups and downs in it. In today’s run-of-the-mill life, every person is
troubled by one or the other problem. Sanatan tradition and astrology say that there is an effect
of planets and constellations on our life and if their movement changes, then sometimes
happiness comes into our life and sometimes sorrow.

In such a situation, if you are suffering from any problem and its solution is not being found, then
once try adopting the point of view of astrology. Acharya Indu Prakash Ji is telling some such
problems and astrological remedies.

Negative thoughts come into your mind all the time?

  • Negative thoughts come in the mind because of the Moon. You are troubled due to a weak Moon
    in the horoscope.
  • Wear a pearl ring in silver. Donate rice, sugar, white clothes every Monday. Abhishek of Shivling
    with Jal-Akshat every Monday.

Is it right or wrong to keep a bill or receipt in the purse?

Only money should be kept in the purse and nothing else. Never carry bills or receipts in a purse
The daughter is always sick what should I do?
Put 7 knots on the black silk thread while chanting the mantra Om Namo Bhagwato Vasudevaya
Namah. Tie the perfect silk thread around the neck or waist of the daughter with the help of
a mantra.

Not getting respect despite serving people?

Shani is called the god of justice, please him. Avoid wearing black clothes every Saturday.
Chant Om Pram Prim Praunsa: Shanishcharaya Namah 108 times.

Which flower should be offered to which god in the temple?

Durva is dear to Lord Ganesha, tulsi is not offered to him. Datura, white flowers, Kaner, Kush
are dear to Lord Shiva but do not offer Ketki and Kevada. Tulsi, Kamal, Maulshree, Juhi,
Kadamba, Kevada are dear to Lord Vishnu. But Dhatura, Shirish, Drumstick, Semal, Kachnar are not offered to Lord Vishnu. Maa Bhagwati likes Bela, White lotus, Palash, and Marigold. Do not offer them Durva. Hanuman Ji loves parijat, necklaces, red flowers, marigolds.

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