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If you want to grow your business, Read it.

If you want to grow your business, Read it.

If you are a business man and your business is not flourishing properly, then the position of his
planet may be behind it. You may be surprised to know that there is definitely a planet behind
any business. If that planet is good then business flourishes and if the planet is weak then the
work comes on the verge of stoppage. Sometimes the planet related to business gets disturbed
due to the influence of any planet.

In such a dasha, there are ups and downs in business, so before starting any work it is
necessary that you must know about the position of the planets related to the business and its
dasha. How much your business will flourish will depend on it. Know which type of business is
associated with which planet and which measures can bring success in your business.

Business of clothes- This business is related to many planets, but mainly it is the business of
Venus. To improve this business, chant the mantra of Venus in the morning and evening. Wear
a rhinestone garland around the neck. Offer white sweets to Goddess Lakshmi on every Friday.
Avoid using black color as far as possible.

Business of food and drink- The business of cereals is mainly associated with Jupiter. The role
of Venus is behind the cooked food, while the moon is mainly behind the aquatic food. Worship
Shri Krishna for success in all kinds of food business. Chant ‘Om Kleem Krishna Klein’ 108
times in the morning and evening. Apply white or yellow sandalwood on the forehead every day.
Keep a yellow silk handkerchief with you

Business related to makeup or women- This business is purely related to Venus. By the way,
sometimes the role of the moon also comes in this. For success in this business, establish
Goddess Lakshmi at the workplace. Offer rose scented perfume to Goddess Lakshmi every
morning. After this chant ‘Om Shree Shriya Namah’. Offer white fragrant flowers to the Goddess
every Friday evening

Business of land, construction or contract- Mars is the main planet of this business. If it is weak
then the business gets sunk or if Mars is weak then the debt also increases. Establish red
colored Hanuman ji for success in this business. Light a jasmine oil lamp in front of Hanuman ji.
Also recite ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ aloud. Distribute pudding puri to the laborers on Tuesday.

Business of Education, Consultancy- This business is related to Mercury, Jupiter and Venus, but
is mainly the business of Jupiter. Worship Lord Shiva for success in this business. Offer white or
yellow flowers to Shiva every morning. After this chant ‘Om Ashutoshay Namah’. Keep your
workplace color light yellow or white

Business of Iron, Coal or Petrol- This business is of Saturn and a lot of Mars. For success in this
business, wear an iron ring. Tie black silk thread on the right wrist or wear a watch with black
strap. Chant ‘Om Shana Shaneshwaraya Namah’ 108 times every night. Donate sesame food
on Saturdays.

If you are going to start some business, then definitely find out about the position of these
planets and their dasha in your horoscope.

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