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In astrology, the auspicious and inauspicious signs of everything related to life have been considered, according to this, from the color of the walls of the house, it matters which day you buy what goods. Shopping by day also has different effects. Many times we feel that shopping for such a day will be very auspicious for us.

When every person wakes up in the morning, he wishes the same and prays to God, O God, give us success, make our day a good, good job or make it rich as soon as possible. Every person makes a lot of effort to succeed, but as the day progresses, if the person does not work in the day, then he gets frustrated and curses himself. And in such a desperate way, he takes the help of debt to complete his work, because if you are born then there will be needs.

Sunday is considered to be the day of the Sun. Sun is a symbol of energy. So if you are planning to do shopping on this day, then you should mostly shop for red-colored goods, purses, medicines, wheat, and scissors.

Monday is considered a day dedicated to Lord MAHADEVJI. On this day, if you can shop for medicines, utensils, milk products, and rice.

Tuesday is considered to be Hanuman’s day. It is believed that if you buy red items, kitchen related items, property and matches or oil on this day, it is auspicious.

Wednesday is dedicated to Goddess Saraswati and Lord Ganesha. On this day, you can shop for copies, books, pens, pencils, car accessories, and decorative items for the house.

Thursday is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. On this day, it is considered auspicious to shop for any electrical goods or any property. Do not buy anything related to eyes on this day.

Friday is dedicated to Lord Lakshmi, the consort of Lord Vishnu. On this day, shopping for make-up, leather goods such as leather shoes, belts, wallets, etc. is considered very auspicious.

Saturday is believed to be dedicated to Shani Dev. It is believed that on this day, shopping for cars, motorcycles, appliances, mats, wooden items is considered very auspicious.


Monday               white, cream

Tuesday               Red

Wednesday       Green

Thursday             Yellow

Friday                  White, Cream

Sunday                 orange, white, light yellow

Sunday                 orange, white, light yellow

How to begin farewell associate degree pseudoscience tips. your future is in your hand. you’ll be able to modification your fortune with your efforts. There are several components in your body however you don’t recognize the exclusive importance of those components. Palm is one in all these solely seeing palms within the morning you’ll be able to get everything. whereas obtaining up within the morning verify your palms 1st and see higher a {part of} your palm if you would like wealth as a result of this part represent Lakshami. If you’re a student and desire to get information then see middle palm 1st as a result of this half is for SARASWATI Hindu deity. If your need to overall development then see lower a {part of} palm 1st as a result of this part represent Govind. thus one ought to verify one’s hand within the early morning and ponder on them.

||  Karaagre Vasate Lakshamih Karamadhye Sarasvati

         Karamuule Tu Govindah Prabhaate Karadarshanam  ||

After that keep your foot on the floor first, with their right hand get bless by the earth-goddess (Matribhumi)  and should bear in mind folks then begin your daily routine work. should do yoga, pranayam associated meditation for a minimum of an hour. Start pooja from Navgrahstrotra:–

||Brahma- Murari-s- Tripuraant-Kaari, Bhanu, Shashi, Bhoomi-Suto 

         budhascha Guruscha Shukra Shani Rahu Ketavah Kuruvantu Sarve ||

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