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In the Hindu calendar, the month of Shravan is dedicated to Lord Shiva and his partner, Mata Gauri. The month of Shravan is considered the holy month of Lord Shiva and Mata Gauri to receive their blessings by fasting. Shravan-like mourning on Monday and Mangla Gauri is celebrated in the month of Shravan. Volunteers take a pledge to hold a fast during the month of Shravan or make a vow of fasting for the next sixteen weeks from the beginning of the month of Shravan.

The Mangla Gauri fast is observed by married women every Tuesday of Shravan month. Women, especially newlyweds

This time the month of Shravan will begin 14 July 2022 to 12 August 2022. Every Tuesday entering the month of Shravan, married women observe the fast of the Mangla Gauri Mata.

This fast, which comes in the month of Shravan, beloved of Lord Shiva, is performed by married women because it is associated with happiness and happiness. The purpose of watching this is to quickly wish a happy marriage for women and a happy life for children. Goddess Parvati is favored by the goddess Parvati on Tuesday, who falls during the Shravan because Maa Gauri is worshiped on this day and is called Mangla Gauri Vrat.

Let us know the importance, the story and the way of worship, and the Muhurta of Mangla Gauri Vrat-

How do you make a Mangla Gauri Vrat?

  • Get up early in the Brahma Muhurta every Tuesday during the month of Shravan.
  • After retiring from daily activities, one should look forward to fasting by wearing clean, washed, or clean (new) clothes.
  • Take a picture or picture of Maa Mangla Gauri (Parvati).
  • After that- ‘Mother, granddaughter, good luck, shrimangalagauripreetyrtham, until the fifth year, mangalagaurivrataham karishye.’

Make a vow of fasting for this mantra.

What it means- I am believed to be taking a pledge to look after this mourning of my husband, sons, and grandchildren, their luck, and receiving the blessings of Mangla Gauri.

After that, a picture or statue of Mangla Gauri was included in the post by distributing white and red cloth. Light a ghee lamp (made of flour) in front of the idol. The lamp should be on for 16 lamps.

  • after that-
    ‘Kunkumaguruliptanga Sarvabharanbhushitam.
    Neelkanthpriyan Gauri Vandeham Mangalahvayam… ..

While reading this mantra, perform the Shodashopachar worship of Mata Mangla Gauri. After praying for the mother, give her 16 flower ornaments, cloves, betel nut, cardamom, fruit, Paan, laddus, sweets, 16 bangles, and sweets to her (everything should be numbered 16). In addition to this, give five kinds of dried fruit, 7 kinds of cereals (were wheat, rad, moong, gram, barley, rice, and lentils), etc.

After the prayer, the story of Mangla Gauri is heard.

  • In this beast, after eating a meal at the same time, Goddess Parvati is worshiped all day. Those who keep this simple fast, pleasing Shivpriya Parvati, find the joy of endless happiness with a son. Mangla Gauri Vrat is most common in Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh.

Mythology –

A moneylender lived with his wife in a village called Pampapur. They were rich and happy, but they had no children. Only this grief bothered him. One day a monk came to the home of the lenders. He was accorded great respect and recounted his ordeal. He asked to serve Parvatiji on Tuesday and ended up fasting. Satan has been worshiping Parvati since the first Tuesday of the month of Shravan. He also observes fasting that day. For months he fasted and served. Mother Parvati was delighted with her dedication.
One day the lender had a dream that if Ganesh Ji was sitting under a mango tree, extracting the fruit of this mango tree and giving it to your wife, you would definitely have a son. Now a moneylender went looking for a mango tree like this. One day a mango tree appeared, and he threw stones at the tree to make fruit. The fruit of the mango tree was found, but when Ganesha was stoned, he cursed her and said – O selfish man, you have hurt me because of your selfishness, so you will be hurt too. With the blessings of Mama Parvati, she will have a son-Ratna but will live to the age of 21 from a snakebite. Upon hearing such a word, the lender was alarmed.

The lender fed his wife the mango fruit, but he did not tell Ganesha’s curse. Nine months later a beautiful boy was born. He was named Manu. He has not left a stone unturned in Manu’s safety. Little by little, Manu turned 20. He went to do business with his father. One day, on their way home from work, both father and son sat in the shade of a tree near the edge of the lake near the village for food and began to eat (Shravan).

Then two young women from the area arrived to wash the clothes in the pool. Those girls look happy, fast, and have a respectable family like young people. They used to talk to each other while washing clothes. Among them, Pamela said- Why do you miss Mangala, because when did I end Mangla Gauri fasting on Tuesday? Now I will do it for Udyapan by fasting next Tuesday. By looking at this fast, I will find my beloved husband and I will live in peace. With that said, Camel went on to say – Mangala, you should also start fasting from Tuesday before the month of Shravan next year. After that, you will find your favorite groom. By looking at this speed, a man’s health also increases. Then Mangala also agreed to fast.

While eating under a tree, both father and son listened to the girls’ conversation. From the girls’ conversation, Sethji understood that a girl named Kamuka was ready for her son’s wedding. Sethji told his son many things so that he could understand his son’s feelings. The son also agrees with his father’s views. So, Sethji decided to marry his son and Kamala and thought that by doing so, my son’s life could grow and it would not happen unfortunate.

Now father and son followed Kamala to her house. Kamala’s father was also a well-known moneylender. Sethji talks to Kamala’s father about the marriage of his son. They agreed to marry Kamala with Manu. Their marriage was completed with great pomp in the auspicious time. If both of them start running the world as husband and wife, then there will be an atmosphere of happiness in the house.

Kamala continued the fast of Mangla Gauri even after coming to her in-laws’ house, due to which Mother Parvati appeared in a dream to Kamala one day and said – I am happy with your fast, but your husband’s age is very short. Next month on Tuesday, a snake will come to take your husband’s life, but you should not panic. Put sweet milk in a cup for the snake, keep an empty pot near it. The snake will sit inside the pot on its own after drinking milk, then you should quickly tie the mouth of that pot with a cloth and leave it in the forest. This will save your husband’s life.

Now Tuesday has come. Kamala did not tell anything to anyone and did all the work as told by Mother Parvati. Kamala’s husband’s life was saved by the grace of Mother Parvati. Thus Manu became free from the effect of fasting. When the people of the house came to know about the whole incident, everyone rejoiced. Now Kamala was being praised all around. The women of the village asked Kamala about the rituals of fasting and started fasting. Kamala also performed the Udyapan of Mangla Gauri Vrat in a grand manner. After giving food to the brahmins, he took their blessings by giving enough Dakshina.

The dates of all Tuesdays of the month of Shravan will remain as follows.

This time Shravan will start on

Shravana Begins – July 14, 2022, Thursday

Pratham Mangla Gauri Vrat – July 19, 2022, Tuesday
Second Mangla Gauri fast – July 26, 2022, Tuesday
Third Mangla Gauri fast – August 2, 2022, Tuesday
Chaturthi Mangla Gauri Vrat – August 9, 2022, Tuesday

Shravan finished – August 12, 2022, Friday

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