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How does luck happen? What measures to take?

How does luck happen? What measures to take?

How does luck happen, What measures to take?

Every person at some point of time feels that according to the hard work he is doing, he is not getting the results. It happens, many people work hard, keep running all day long, work hard, but still their progress is not visible far and wide in life. For many years, they struggle to get their life in good condition. If we look at this condition from the point of view of astrology, then it is called weakening of luck.

At what age does fortune-telling happen, in Vedic astrology, the ninth house of the horoscope is called Bhagya Bhava. How will the fate of a person, it can be ascertained by looking at the ninth house of his horoscope. According to the amount that is in this house, it is decided that in which year of his age will the person’s fortune rise. For example, if the Sun’s zodiac sign is Leo in the ninth house, then fortune-telling will happen in the 22nd year. If the Moon sign is Cancer, then fortune will be in the 24th year. If the sign of Mars is Aries-Scorpio then in the 28th year. If the sign of Mercury is Gemini-Virgo then in the 32nd year. If the sign of Jupiter is Sagittarius-Pisces, then in the 16th year. If the sign of Venus is Taurus-Libra, then in the 25th year or after marriage, and if the sign of Saturn is Capricorn-Aquarius, then in the 36th year, there is fortune. If there is an effect of Rahu-Ketu on the ninth house, then the person gets lucky in 42nd and 44th year respectively.

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How to know Obstacles in luck?

How is your luck, it is definitely known from the ninth house of your horoscope, but the position of ninth to ninth i.e. fifth house and fifth house should also be carefully inspected. If there are malefic planets in the fifth house along with the ninth, then there is a hindrance in fortune-telling. The position of the Sun, the giver of fortune, fame and respect, the sight of malefic planets, and the sight of debilitated planets, does not lead to luck. If Jupiter is debilitated in the ninth house and is under the influence of malefic planets, then problems related to wealth, glory, job, husband, son come. There can be many situations of obstacles in the rise of fortune, which will tell you by any knowledgeable astrologer.

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How to remove the obstacle of luck?

First of all, see which planet is in the ninth house of your horoscope, by taking measures for the strength and happiness of that planet, the obstacle of fortune is removed. If the planets sitting in the ninth house are auspicious, such as Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, then it is auspicious. If there are inauspicious planets Mars, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, then do not do their remedies at all. Chanting the Gayatri Mantra in the presence of the Sun with a rosary of Rudraksha, facing east at the time of sunrise, strengthens the fortune. Waking up early in the morning, touching the feet of the parents, elders of the house, Guru, leads to early fortune. Donate food items, clothes from time to time in old age homes, disabled homes, orphanages. Try not to borrow or lend from anyone after sunset. Do visit the temple of your Ishta Dev on any one day of the week. By consecrating Lord Shiva with Rudra Ashtadhyayi, the obstacles of fate are removed.

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