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How can you recognize the mantras, what mantra is used there?

People sing repetitive words, but no one knows which mantra is used for a specific purpose.
Without knowing the nature and nature of the mantra, its full fruits are not to be found

The Pallava Mantra: The mantra on which the name is originally intended is called the Pallava
Mantra. The Pallava Mantra is used in the works of killing, extermination, exorcism, exaltation,
disobedience etc.

Yojan Mantra: Mantra finally has a name system, called Yojan Mantra. This type of mantra is
used in the activities of peace, reassurance, vashikaran, mohan, deepan etc.

Rodha Mantra: If the mantra is used at the beginning, middle or end of a word, then it is called
Rodha Mantra. This type of mantra is used for peace of fever, planetary, poisoning etc.

But the Mantra: Because of having a mantra behind each name of this name, it is called the
Paranam Mantra. It is used in acts of peace.

Samput Mantra: When the first noun of the word and mantra is finally, it is called Samput
Mantra. This type of mantra is used in keelan work.

Vidarbha Mantra: When the two letters of the mantra and the two letters of Sadhya’s name are
read in sequence, it is called the Vidarbha Mantra. Used in Vashikaran, Attraction etc.

Use of Hoon Fat: The word Hu is used in the works of slavery, exaltation, evil. Oil piercing,
Arishta planet has peace, Vausht in assurance-peace, Swaha in homework and Namah in
Archan worship etc.

Male and female mantras, neuter: The mantras in which the word Swaha is finally used are
called female cognates. Those with the name Namah were eventually called powerless and
eventually the name Hu was torn down and called Purusha Sgnak Mantras. Male mantras are
used in vashikaran, peace, anointing etc

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