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How can you know the answer to your questions with the help of Prashna Kundli


How can you know the answer to your questions with the help of Prashna Kundli

Astrology is the art of astrology by which you can know the accomplishment of your mind. Question Lagna is seen to know whether an event will happen or not. In astrology, it is said about the rising ascendant that the parts of the rising zodiac in the ascendant have their own special significance. In astrology, each house, each zodiac has its own special meaning. In this mode of astrology, the ascendant rising in the ascendant is the questioner himself. The seventh house gives an idea of the subject matter of which the question is being asked. In order to know which subject the question is related to, the question related to the planet which sees the ascendant in full view, or the planet which is strong in the horoscope, can be related to that planet.

Prashna Kundali

Question time is very important in Prashna kundli, so how to determine the time of question is considered as an important topic. In astrology, considering the astronomical planet position at the time and place of the question, the astrologer finds a solution to the questioner’s problem. Is. Now the question arises that when the person has a horoscope, then what is the need of astrology? If the time, date, day and place of birth of any person is not known, then it becomes very difficult to say anything about his future. Etadharth astrologer tries to solve the problems using various methods. For this, the astrologer takes the help of question astrology. It is said that both astrology and astrologer are incomplete without question scripture.

Janam Kundli serves to tell the stages of happiness and sorrow on the path of age in the journey of life, but Prashna Kundli gives meaningful information about the possible result of desire and effort without doing more complicated calculations. Many times the horoscope is not available, if it is available, then due to lack of definite information about the time of birth, the predictions are not correct. Many times there is no knowledge of the day and time of the person’s birth, in such a situation the horoscope cannot be made, but the person remains troubled to know the answer to the questions arising inside his mind.

Prashna Kundli 2022

The only solution to the question sparked in the mind is the question astrology horoscope

Analyzing the planets on the basis of Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantaradasha, Subtle dasha and Prana dasha, it can give an indication of possible auspicious or inauspicious results in different areas of life, but the immediate problem often remains beyond its boundary area. Same question horoscope. Is. That is, from where the boundary of the horoscope ends, the question horoscope begins.

The time of marriage, the color form or nature of the boy or girl can tell the horoscope, but will the girl whose marriage proposal has come to me be married or not? How will it be if there is a marriage? The answer to this question can be given only through the question horoscope. Will there be victory or defeat in the case? The answer to this question can only be given by the Prashna Kundli, because from where you will be able to get the horoscope of the opposite pulse. Prashna Shastra is very useful and constantly fruitful. It is such a discipline, with the help of which complex and complex problems can be solved easily.

prashna – psychologically astrology

Prashna Kundli is beyond the working limits of the horoscope, where the birth chart ends, perhaps the Prashna Kundli starts from that. Prashna kundli is such a method of astrology, through which an accurate answer to a particular question can be found. In Prashna Shastra, the questioner puts his question before the astrologer. After that, the question chart is prepared on the basis of time, date, and place of question. Again, on the basis of this question horoscope, considering the question as to the basis, analyzing the horoscope and making a statement. Prashna Kundli is dynamic, it is constantly flowing with time. A new horoscope is made for each question. According to the question in Prashna Kundli, the Karaktva and Bhava fruit of the horoscope changes. As – even though we live in today’s scientific age,

But the truth is that the achievements which we had achieved in the mythological period are not matched by anyone. Rocket science may be related to modern science, but the path to the understanding of planets and space had already been prepared. According to the position of the planets and their condition, what will be their effect on the person, this information was provided by the ancient sages and sages. A detailed explanation of planetary effects is available inside astrology, by understanding which almost all the problems of human life can be solved.

Prashna: The Basics Of Horary Astrology - Jothishi

It is generally believed that astrology is effective only when the person knows every information related to his birth, such as date, time, place, etc. If we go to the classical rules, then some very complex rules have been said for the person asking the question and the expert who answers the question. It is very difficult to follow these rules in today’s tour, so if we say that the answer to the question asked will be correct, then it is definitely not correct. There is also another error with the Prashna Kundli.

Actually, with the help of Prash Kundli, the answer to only that question can be found which you have asked, apart from this you cannot know anything else. That is to say if your question is ‘will I be able to travel abroad in the future? So you will get the answer to this question, but you cannot get any information related to how you will go under what circumstances. If you do not have your birth chart, then you can get information from world-famous astrologer Indu Prakash Ji according to the question horoscope.

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