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Haryali Teej 2021, this is the right way to celebrate Teej and fulfill your desires.

Haryali Teej 2021

Harialika teej known as haryali Teej According to Panchang, the Hartalika Teej festival will be celebrated on August 11 this year 2021. Solah (16) Stringing is very important on this day. The Hartalika Teej Festival is about to begin. Married women wait for the festival all year long. The Hartalika festival is a popular festival for married women, some unmarried people also celebrate this day to please their prince. This sacred ceremony is also known by many other names. These are my words next-

Hartalika Teej
Hariyali Teej
Sawan Teej
Shravan Teej

Hariyali Teej 2021 is falling on Wednesday, August 11.

This Tritiya date of Shukla Paksha of Shravan month will start from 06.11 pm on Tuesday, 10 August 2021, Tritiya date will remain till 04:56 pm on Wednesday, 11 August 2021.

Hartalika Teej Vrat Significance

In Hartalika Teej, married women fasted for long life and the happiness and prosperity of their husbands. Teej fasting is considered to be one of the most difficult fastings. At this juncture, married women do not take food and water. So this fast is considered difficult. By looking at this too quickly, happiness lasts in the life of a marriage. In this case, the special importance of cosmetics, especially the 16 types of makeup, some women wear all 16 makeup products to get the perfect fruit of this fast, and it has been said.

The importance of sixteen cosmetics

Hartalika Teej is the largest festival of the month of Shravan which is the month of Sawan. According to Panchang, the Hartalika Teej festival is celebrated on the third day of Shukla Paksha of the month of Shravan. According to legend, Lord Shiva and Parvati met for the first time on this day, and Parvati Ji performed the appropriate solah shringar. From that day on this stage and rituals are followed by all married and married women to have the great blessings of Shiv Ji and Parvati Ji. There is also a tradition of making solah shringar on this day. Let us know which make-up comes under sixteen cosmetics.

Flower Decoration – It is considered good to decorate flowers with sixteen cosmetics. Moisture increases during the rainy season. The energy of the Sun and the Moon weakened during the rainy season. That’s why there is laziness this season. It is considered good to put flowers in the hair to keep the mind happy. The scent of flowers intensifies.

Bindi or Tika on the forehead – This is considered cosmetic. Good energy is felt through the vermilion on the forehead. It also provides peace of mind. Sand sticker Tika is also used on this day.

Wanted Vermilion – Adding a vermilion to a quest is a sign of suhaag, while adding a vermilion to this area brings light to the face. And it has its scientific advantages. Installing a vermilion on the search also helps to control the electrical energy in the body.

Mangal sutra around the neck – Wearing a mangal sutra or necklace containing pearls and gold helps to stop the planetary evil forces, while also increasing the immune system. Wearing gold jewelry on the neck does not cause heart disease. The heartbeat is controlled. At the same time, pearls represent the moon, for the mind is not made of fossils.

Earrings – Wearing earrings does not cause stress. Ear piercings improve vision. It also helps to reduce headaches.

Gold earrings on the forehead – Gold earrings on the forehead enhance a woman’s beauty, and the nervous system of the brain is also beautiful.

Bangles – By wearing bracelets or bangles on the hands, blood circulation remains normal. It does not cause fatigue. Also, do not let hormones spoil.

Armpits – By wearing this, the blood flow in the arms is always good. You find relief from pain. At the same time, it enhances beauty.

Waistband- Wearing it reduces stomach-related problems. Many diseases are preventable. The risk of developing a hernia-like illness is small.

Anklet- anklet adds to the beauty of the feet. At the same time, wearing them saves energy from the feet of the body. One of its major functions is to prevent fat growth in women. Silver anklets, on the other hand, strengthen the bones of the feet.

Beechiya – Beechhia is considered a major symbol of honey but its use is not limited to the beauty of the feet. Beechiya helps and keeps the nervous system and muscles strong.

Nathan – Nathan adds charm to facial beauty. This is a great composition. But there is also the value of science. Wearing a gold necklace or jewelry on the nose increases the ability to carry pain in women.

Ring or Rings- By wearing a ring, blood circulation remains normal in the body. It enhances the beauty of the hands. Wearing it reduces laziness.

Kajal or antimony- Kajal or antimony where it enhances the beauty of the eyes. At the same time, it is also useful for sharpening the eyes. He cured eye diseases.

Facial beauty- Also called the make-up. With the use of natural makeup on the face, the beauty of the face is enhanced. At the same time, it increases women’s self-esteem and saves energy.

Fasting and Worship

On the day of Hariyali Teej, the fast should wake up in the morning and be clean after taking bath, etc. And after wearing the clothes that came from the maternal home, take a vow of worship in the mind. On this day the house should be cleaned and decorated well. Before starting the puja, make an idol of Shivling, Lord Ganesha, Mata Parvati, and their friends by mixing Gangajal in the soil at a post. After this, decorate the contents of honey in a plate-like bindi, vermilion, bangle, henna, nail polish, akshat, incense, lamp, sulfur, etc., and offer it to Goddess Parvati.

Offer cannabis, datura, akshat, bel leaves, white flowers, sulfur, incense, clothes, etc. to Lord Shiva. After this, listen to the story of Hariyali Teej while worshiping Ganesh Ji. Then worship Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati. The fast and worship of Hariyali Teej continue throughout the night. During this, women also do Jagran and Kirtan.

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